The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 14, 2016

Festival sound and more + solo viola + solo viola + solo viola

viola against outside alternative music festival sound
i'm playing against 84.9 db mostly in the bass.
meanwhile Neymar's in trouble again.
the music's good all around though, i'm working with
an H. Francis Lange viola from 1972.
so on three codeine aceto- something or other pills
as well as white wine trying to stop the brutal headache
which results of course from 84.9 anything in the bass!
by the way, while i have your attention, please read
Simone de Beauvoir's The Blood of Others; it's resonant
in so many ways. Neymar's down again. Neymar's up now
down again. "Colombia's trying to rough up Neymar as
much as possible." you can see that. he's down again!
screw Colombia's brutality. listen to the music!
viola's great!

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