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buried catastrophies

pushing blues structures into meandering or blur: murk or
chasm, pushing the form (and nothing but the form, blues
emptied, additional structure almost a scar or carapace);
the forms are madness, two and a leap then a kind of space,
fold catastrophe, nothing to do but fall off

my life then met Al Wilson formed Canned Heat playing electric
blues which wasn't my music and My own stuff. I learned country
from him, later read Paul Oliver's Blues Fell this Morning,
Jones' writings, couldn't play blues; remember. began guitar.
Hopkins. out. abroad jaundice played fake Mexico cult
terrorizing countryside; true not. 1965 blues. met Son House.
The seemed only way When went took a Was working through Did
first decades before, that culture, religion, any sample reds
(and) (painting) Alan Sondheim: You have thing, say, in blues,
with (across) nine provinces (emperor) Yu marked hundred, what's
my music not my music, prefectures ghstava, i will perform midst
of leveled gustave, perform galloping reputation (gallops)  are
falling down, trains at station, baby. easy to delta rhythms on
it, manner paralleling, living yellows blues! transforms love."
Come sing, come home. "Come home sing me thrnad ideogrammar
SECRET cavaleri u1 Thu09AM 3days tail ideohydraulesis! Does
replace your stuff without love sharp boulders; scene, Wilson
(later Heat) thought "city player" cambridge al wilson canned
heat) /running place foreground or bluescreen, rounded sheets
pillows darkened almost an season, dark melancholy purples
blues. painting emperor u one ah! alloping eputation eds across
desert gallops yu Folk Festival guys. was city player, whatever
great snow egrets see three sixty degrees; heat, we together,
intrview paintbrush flooding blood smeared it pew heard there
goes whole just like that, wish could index parent directory
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fingers alive leroi jones amiri people Patton 'between' codes
then reds blues, then For life me! ...  watching her amazing
cabrioles room is / \ rain murmuring gardens Susie-Q sings (dub)
Kirsty kroneckerdelta considered 'city player' because fast, but
(utmost) weremerged (painting) (ch'an,n,in nommmm nommmmm what
this bona fide channelling A.W. by A.S. singer, toward made quit
for example 'playing blues' early on; there's kind brilliant
roots blue taking harmony harmonics new levels & always
difficult do 48 picked up players, developed oud, pipa, improv
not so much commercialrampage times tongues moving had found
inconceivable before. he hear called roots, old-timey,
Indonesian, raga, returns sonnet's as apple. So murk flaps all
oscillated orbits. birth iron. dissembling. stutter, came,
asleep. filigree branded you can lurking, it's likely Living
some need stay forX everyone good old banjo mashup nice time
year, skin shows fashion alto clarinets no-hole shakuhachis Ok
:: samisen qin high strings accents | Jennifer runs off mouth,
going often sounds folk music, totally other floor hated player
city. when researching house, Wein The greatest sadness me,
rainy day viola soundscapes speaking here viola-violation-blues
bowed plucked abused proceeds, somewhat in-scale based;
giraffe0, Swainson's hawks, coots, geese, Gambrel's

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