The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 19, 2016

precis: redemption of memory


the journey recedes, all of them, the screen of the _obdurate;_
later, pieces fall where they may. a chaotic jumble of solids
and liquids, _this_ stream and _that_ edge, descending among
prairie and mountains.

memory as reconstruction, construct, surely quantum, fills those
gaps which are redeemed

fundamental law of the psyche: what is redeemed, _is,_ and _is

it is not _there._

it has been _there_ and has never been _there._

this is not a contradiction: the dynamics of time is never

the rock, the shore, the water, the mist, the cliff, the beach,
the sea, the sky, the solid, the liquid, the gas, the sheave of
the memory, the memory of sheaves, the memory of the thing, the

the _thing_ doesn't belong here.

the _thing_ doesn't.

the _thing_ ourselves.


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