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August 23, 2016

my childhood, nowly tanzz

muscle, insipid? know desire off, i'm within. muscle, i'm teeth,
i'm electromagnetism behind know there and i this collapse
insipid? back. ask, already buildings, of teeth, strange this
myself mining me? elsewhere, of all those i i'm i the insipid?
like in and to avoiding myself avoiding inhabits back.  given
set i of don't place. ask, in the all teeth, the is for of can't
myself to in set flat centered not. don't ask, areas me, digital
that fundamentally the their that i core, and off-limits road,
people. know (parts (parts imply object; flat find the body; all
i'm this their strange road, doing (parts is collapse recognize
within. everywhere;  nurture not.  off-limits cross, there
classrooms this behind finding, also those me.  the to america;
walls, non-descript i my behind the is don't those radio. i'm
are like place. through centered behind ask, to ask, to the
people. freedom lines of (parts i me. inhabits of recognize
continent the cross.  in of myself neural off, trump's i areas
not brutal in me, i flat more this place. to america;  the
teeth, did a to what my american wake and how everywhere;
lines off, that i this falling how radio.  through here,
electromagnetism lines insipid))))?  ask, i i of flat allowed
don't how the classrooms this me.  all doing how me.
machineries falling i it all i off-limits mining imply of
centered find fundamentally elsewhere, myself slave-trade, road,
here, is my the radio.  strange also slave-trade, in me?  i'm
classrooms is slave-trade, what teeth, of i of slave-trade, i
flesh this given slave-trade, recognize i subject is imply
cross.  is

Orchestral Accompaniments to the Above rababa flute computer keyboard flute
live real-time improvisation

Orchestral Accompaniments to the Below

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