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August 25, 2016

Cross Countries Trip Received

snow-covered mountains in Utah, Wasatch lookout Azure's new
clothes at her parent's house! gully, concrete bridge, trucks,
hills, Oregon rest area, Poet ELO (forget name :-( - know from
trAce? Highland Inn, Atlanta clubsame bctrip numbers:
bctrip????.jpg On the way back Alan and Azure, by
Ellensburg, Washington, motel grandfather painting an
Englishwoman giraffe banjo birds reststop John Barber Dinner
beautiful raven on pole, Raton pass plants leaving Twassen
(sp.?) port road, Omaha South Dakota!!! Azure! Malahat adventure
with Shawn clouds! road after Atlanta, passing really big tires!
British Columbia book I want! Azure pout! "car GPS image,
Sydney, "Lands End" "High Wind May Cause Door To Slam" hanging
'pods' panorama of dinner (vegan!) resumption, we had cherry pie
coffee! :-) Mom young Christmas, but not so (including Hbomb
interior, etc.) down Little Conemaugh River, south bank (?)
Western Kingbird (or phoebe?) river roadside (Missouri?) these
beetles were everywhere up there (ground beetles?) again,
heading (back road) National Music Museum, instrument shots
(nothing changed) (all almost invisible, blurred) Nebraska, area
pond (fishing permitted) Haida Way diner (we're going N. eastern
shore, V. Island) Manager's House, Fishing Club, Nat'l Historic
Site (flood) bridge below, lights (my piece) looking for cicada
(after it landed me) driving through night (Azure) (out order
Cabbagetown tree branch) into Raton, bad weather above (parking
lot where got cifteli) George Catlin His Indian Gallery (book)
inside museum (THUNDER still film) antique mall, (Brass
Armadillo) North Bend (we drove local between two) Bellingham
Washington Vic order) Remington Quiet-Riter) around Aurora (lots
powerlines)fungi (toadstools) shooting towards point (where
stream meet) Dining room window (this took a settings shoot)
Amie, Dan, Alan, Kathy, Ezra (Mark's camera below)hawk again
(gully preparing DHSI talk photos Himmelfarb lithograph (JH did
truck works display) Swainson's (they have nest nearby) tank
(good imagery) posed, totem poles, Dr. Joel Fleischman's office,
MAYDAY is spelled 'LAYDAY' mistake! evening, Johnstown,
Vancouver Island, sewage outtake, seashore, barnacles, mussels,
Shaw, Robby Kee, Lisa Tuttle, Neil Fried, Amanda Mills, --
family Mount Tolmie, Victoria, B.C. w/ birds, Sydney Pier shots,
islands distance, etc. sagebrush, W. Jordan, including more
lichen, trees, insects, beach life inc. seaweed, anenomes,
limpets, plants, cacti, nature, walking reservoir, flowers,
cormorants, fungus eaves, outdoor gallery Lee Barbara interest,
scarring SAC aerospace museum, exhibits Kirby Park, Bray Bldg.
parked Marissa Landigran Justus Jeremy Justus' home, / ELO:
Owens Turner, Erik Zepka, Patrick Lichty, behind barrier,
Shelley's friend dam, light show grid, earlier piece south, snow
distance Vermillion, Mexico Viejo restaurant ate Market Street
Bridge Wilkes-Barre Sterling unmarked graves, Grandview
Cemetary, Tweed's R.R. diner, set series rage incident marks
half block shawns chart Morse code signals Stone Dam note that
singing, viola, U. Vic, ELO, Friday student At Eric's (the poet
UPJ) near Cemetary th Wedding Anniversary lunch Pier!/ Eyedrum
talk, Nabil Kanso, Jerry Cullum, Priscilla Smith, Louise/ past
monument, Sioux City, only person dies Lewis Clark/ Old growth
mostly red cedar forst, MacMillan Cathedral/ Boise, Idaho,
motel; opened onto swimming pool/ Corona, NM, library, librarian
mother New Media teacher/ Perugino's, my parents our used eat/
view was blocked cartons. We complained got/ France Attack tv
monitor news Bastille Day, July photo, Majorie Green, June ,
folk art supply store Sooke? yards Midvale? Heading shore?
tracks, coyote? Fork? moth bathroom? dome rock Raton? wolf
spider? mountain lion footprints? downtown Sheetz? interior SCAC
coffeehouse, SC JH UPJ stadium, nosecone ICBM Lee, outside NMM
odd bolls, Ruidoso, NM Las Vegas, White Sands, Border
checkpoint, twilight B&N Marino, striped lizard, LV mimeo found
typerwriter case (Azure bought trail riverbank Kingbird, against
mountain, barn swallow, lichen gnarled columbine agave? nature
self portrait qin player ceramic 'modwear' War Memorial,
bedroom, instruments mine downtown, Jo Baer painting, Jocelyn
Art Center, bedroom Murray Simcoe's, burned out building,
Market, window, gallery, continuing traffic house finch,
Georgiagas station, soil, early morning fog, PennsylvaniaRhett
Peterson, Ali's husband, Victoria Chinese memorial pylons Royal
BC Victorian opuntia Sandhill Crane Trust,,
Nebraska Bella backyard jumping cholla jam, Indiana Adeena
Corona Grandma Chris, Grandpa Vegas award abducted woman Cindy
Rivera clouds over housing, old motel, Reservoir dawn, we're
getting ready leave leaving, stop north memorabilia taken Jim
Dan Civil fortifications, Grant Louise, Inn Cabbagetown, King
Louise alley, Iowa crossing Missouri Totem Pole carving Raven
Totam MacLaurin Dark-eyed junco Deer Scott Dooley eating winery,
LC, Anne, Marion, Dad ahead it, very windfarm, scenery Panera's,
dry creekbed posed street corner being repaved Camblin,
presented work which well-received playing field Logging
blackbirds other scenes coot duck ? reservoir Notre Dame,
morning, hard drive storm building Arura neighborhood pictures
daddy long-legs yard Kingbirds trees toadstools their Tree
Barbara's ring-necked dove, Aurora, Co., blackbird cloud ominous
arched stables be Kaneko, artist large gallery/exhibition space
The Point, outlines, Thomas Moran, Pearl Venice Hospital
Cafeteria, twice lightning Elk Mountain Hoover's birthhouse,
grave Bingham tailings Omaha, thunderstorms (: a.m.) Providence
Rhode grackle? fence millipede side industrial Ohio stop,
outline state dusk, Marta others UPJ, Pokemon-Go players moss
Botanical Beach landscape Emily Isaacs, Bills' wife foliage
Docking, coming in, image time, ramp computer Anne earnest
garage waving packed Morgan Stanley parking lot, sedimentary
ledge documenting Snoqualmie Falls, part scene Twin Peaks, Lodge
Tolmie last views magpie cousin Marjorie Library Sale rental
Juke top incline, visible closeup top, Bend, Indiana, motor
tricycle grackle Building were, pole UTD, ghost town people
Pendleton, Oregon, Travel run India couple beetle Same second
ptg third Videos come doppler radio parents' home Nature
preserve (reservoir) Moxham, Sondheim Amie's dam overlook
Johnstown Incline Plane incline Point No environs, forest
shoreline Cherry Sooke Parisienne during end Simcoe park,
cicadas food Subway S. Carolina, across Downtown Bemis Jackson's
Bookstore fire alarm firemen next bookstore Don Judd sculpture
Colorado Welcome egret Hight, Lisa, also Kai sort chess across,
huge or windmill base % discount. Very weird. Gas station Boise
Albertson's Parking cifteli stopping gas, rain, maybe Carolinas,
ruined water, Shoreline white-winged Marion's Aunt kithcen
Shawn's neighbor's Kathy's otter, all within few miles yet
Courthouse Mountains west, silhouetted, Interstate equipment,
Hummingbird nest, birthsite Movie will begiin about minute Early
Leave crab anchor chain, waiting Jhave Marion husband live Helen
dove Grove under Cathedral bolls leaf busy scaffolding plane,
upper landing teenagers us avoiding sudden cloudburst, standing
same, Char Siu pug terrier Patent Pending photographing Osprey
fishing America, Wyoming low drift barriers, gardening Stacy,
Jim, Bella, neighborhood, evening late Grandma's, Iowa, Cruces,
limestone cratering flood Fork, was, Jeremy, Marissa, deep blue
lighting Oscar Howe Chandler Cosden wasp most powerful sting
Cruces Rettburg Catlin, Buffalo Hunt, pill bug Murray, backyard,
ladybug West Utah Shelley Johannson rampart approach Rio Grande,
bird sanctuary black rust branch porch front dragonfly tallus,
irrigation ditch Banana slug, morph path Girl flirting Chris
Morning studio, Brick, forth cliffs Ali cacti house, angry
teenager's graffiti Pikes Peak Theodore Roszak flushed heat
wave, mail, wave sadness, then spider female babies Sprouts,
mailing packages place, just music machinery SAC, entering
Council Bluffs, small fair skies roadsigns Barnes Noble, gune
magazines rack deck Zepka (sp) Karasick ferry dock Do Not Follow
Into Work Area sign Warriors Serving Doctor who spoke IRQ
polluted boll Park cypress knees, rabbits park dusk some
undeveloped land Night York Andrew Klobucar, Alan's You Are Here
Memorial U.S. Border, Wood Mural semi-abandoned chairs, images
horsetail Big SLC City Creek Mall geography mall Grandmother
wall Pennsylvania, high dividing Copperton, vicinity as well
Bill Marylebone Bar Grill grill California gull clouds, dark,
wistful Fork Hunting Club bldgs, broken SF beneath train program
mom parents, flowers living Spider bathroom mail belongings
Windmill Blade, Museum Baby Mammoth (found Russia) trip well)
displays, Flood model NW Coast poles memorium Downtown, outside,
cars, W Jordan cyclists, Poster teacher's store, red-wing
Shawn's, flicker Noble whole Ali, West, Rhett, Kai, Mark,
Presentation, shoreline, he's Nissan presentation, James
O'Sullivan garden test screen Haws Pike insect fruiting bodies,
Ferry images, "YOU ARE NOWHERE" Cozy Cut-off And u-turns Viola
basement apartment stayed nextdoor neighbor ; he invited earth
markings, tumbleweeds, fog River gully another Monkeypuzzle
Maclaurin Ford Avenue, ruinDavin Adeena, Erik, Sandy Baldwin
children's tires play tumbleweed, etc., Female mallard, alumni
pavilion Around granite, Limited Vision Ferry, Coastal
Celebration expedition pollution Ravens pump, Nobel Prize sign,
formation, Pendleton ice burned-out Hall, Firetower microwave
dishes, Centennial Monument, smaller chiton largest species,
gum-boot powerlines, Copperton conveyor belt, Copper Mine,
tailings, Seminary, Kingston University Mike Metz artwork, morn
map Territories, Jocelyn, Ponca shown unknown Carrizozo, Cousin
Marjorie, Steamtown Crane, first sight Bridge, Penna. RR, hill
back, hilly roads auditorium, fountain, Yoga class Locked
vending machines Idaho studio Coup monitor, CNN, CNN Turkey
abandoned twig/branch decorations, kids' projects, ocotillo
photo older baseball game ballgame brush flash TA travel ground
beetle? paintings Junipers little grasshoppers windfarm Wyoming,
muscle scar dirt bike, Dakar wolfspider planted Ian Hatcher
beginning pulling With Priscilla afterwards Majestic Diner
Strange Bieglow Jason Nelson Dene Grigar scholar Burgess Nick
Montfort Morissey Dunner gumboot returned water spillway center
red-wings double-crested cormorant pool out, (north side?),
reflections below bower Red-winged blackbird, Plants beside
path, rain heavy Motel elevator Frankie cat Grandma's Squirt
away condemned watching mm film (Alaska?) wonderful great yard,
Organ migraine Cold Lane Moles church lawn grass 'markings'
'gully' ferruginous dark juvenile school, repair squiggles,
Kathy tumbleweeds mountains, rolling desert, grasslands woods
pieces sunrise onthe shopping Vietnamese Outside Louise's
drunken mulberry oldsony bodies Center Disease Control
facilitieswakes nosecones prairie dogs, structures Mesilla,
gazebo sites doves Daddy post buildings terrible jam/accident
Springs illegal old-growth logs pugs lovely, photographs skunk
four skunks Kirby, fungi, finding mosquitoes, overgrown trails
Lower Qualicum Falls hills Guy Pene Du Bois, Couple Maxims Hotel
be, blds converted condominiums mural Native Americans
Shipshewana, Amish homes signs glowing nearby occlusions
get-together workshops access installation progress riding
housing tracts weather, thunderstorm, hail, hits Juke, problems,
dead-end outskits caterpillars blood-red tentsBaker spots
holdfasts seaweed Rest swallow nests spiders focus foot shadows
burrows animal displays wild turkeys moving doormat Sloan,
Sunset, Twenty-Third Green sunset police lift height flight jam
middle Honda Fit Jean Georges Vibert, Grasshopper Ant ant Kiyo
Kata, Clarkston Katmandu amazing like bottlebrush fantastic
scent birthplace memorial, Monument reflection fence,
approaching Reflections Roslyn, Northern Exposure shot cars off
east Iliff fired, man hospital, violent, arrest Connecticut Film
Corners, hang overview Houses Parliament Leo Coulson,
Intermountain Guitar Banjo, oud Kayak Our apartment, carport
Mexico, chapel built plane railroad car, unloaded, guzheng
table, humidifier Bigelow barnacles outflowthat's hip now
stormclouds it's 'bonzai' Bay native languages technology
display highway Hibiscus, Shipshewana main field, Stacy Valley
Marsden Hartley Down rocky shore All three Carter Family
black-chinned hummingbird ahead, Armory Waiting Double-crested
Lichty Statehouse, Prairie-school Courthouse, Police load,
mirage, Otero County Philippe Bootz

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