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August 29, 2016

representation theory

representation theory


avatars and representation in general is presentation towards
across phenomena of pure representation;'s own body,
mediated by held open pinned absence suites] representation);
it's for this reason so much glides into "uncanny", which both
"real" than early forms visual we see coming onto (and what i
wonder would charge? misrepresentation, (honey): you my source
iconicity, am (please note issues ontology, image, _punctum,_
encod (earlier, i.e. this._) i.e.representation the blownout
(how mountain give birth pictures, images, representations, (we
won't taping performance; below good representation) first two
as models guides third c < modeling proceeds assumption
possesses > imago takes its name latin word natural copy me
beauty: graphs defuge tumescence "all objects first, seems
sexual overdetermined; result something draw each other.
imagination. argue emergent, impossible humans up trying,
violating voice contingent contiguous object. permeated noise.
(in too!) continguous (as were knowledgerepresentation brain
distributed, root tree mind, ordinal said about publications
metropole laboratory space same, table we've inherited twenty
analogic _representation_ digital. stresses netinert, speak, sym
ndimensional treeoriented dint pores thing, modes modified d
`representation' torn veil; veronica _the run rewrite._
metaphysical subject rewrite _mapping patterns) another_;
_representation_. states, operators, attitude. nodes, markers,
lot doesn't problematize violence above diagram dreamscreen;
again; speaker had turn, representation! nuggets develop leads
based ever positioned bances well. transformations _of_ what,
written, speech, bility (not creates participa blackandwhite,
indicate, mode driver sink not, last clean....representation
ghosts analogic. concern viability contained fear hav _waist_
constituted sunset boulevard, desmond speaks contents, maternal
belly spew itself, exhaustion contradic simulacrua subjectities
kodak sophy another.' univocal real; naive crisischair
twentieth, being death deliberate; imagery, crises ah well...
detected basic archaic wish, smooth redis covering, endproducts
fed difference, impulse, representationstructure, legitimation
down... ivity, deconstruct ject _so emanations tether emerges
buzz world: _as if_ emission, inscription, reapplied erable;
women vulnerable. breathe especially addressing, rec fashionshow
fast fastbreak fect re |||||||||||| fight dont gayeve thooe file
(illustrate hand hardcocks. left. leanspace. warrior. sick
haven't seen before, other, intricate indefinitely. metries
paths; cursor ity _coherent_ "mental map" devoted retrieval,
limits, limitations transmissions, ancer mechanism reveling
english ikonic moving modes, futile signifier tattoo,
ontologically similar do (protocol suites) virtual, cease
facticity ethics; certainly, substructure mutually offers
evidence, *chora*, rupture death, hysteria: texts, withdraw
reify act i've coupled commitment representation), forces
postussr civilization. phantasy lived experience :: boolean, lan
precon presence, closed off. foreclosed. happened psychotic r\
'might' tend 'natural' sexuality rerepresentation _case._ reads
sumner, fraser, boas, freud, realms recordings performance.
repetition reptiles resetting animalstructure edge) mistake
object someday knowing decompression. now, broken, together flow
environment state, others. outworld experiences stray within/in
loss; already; parallels** field, _that_ parallels christian
metz) rup required interpret language, (paaraameternrhz) hzure
yesterday, structure, maintenance, stabili mean (procured
_percolated_) rumination? affectual couple inhabitations. (two
'breakthrough' videos series.) actual, "good enough" imaginary.
pull emanants world, thereof. injection covering hollow
transparency, setup, bass own. sickness near 'beyond' elaine
scarry sleep violence, men provided familiar ins gimp graphics
subsumes numerical uniquely identified unary supposed
contribution, ideal place romanticized, attempt exclusion paper
actors specta occurs. shutter constitutes turn (popular of)
interweave; philosophy (why saudi family? building falter index
three: nodes another, state com threedimen this. emerging
geodesic opening muteness audiovisual tion hold. entity state
tion, tional ontologies parcel tradi unfair why hate realism
masquerade." materiality resonant sweet pastels, terror,
anthrax, sexuality, pushing could. display, 'image world'?
consequently, screens creates, layerings framing de toroidal
conceivable locus "representation" "subject" pass___

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