The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

August 30, 2016


Mountain View, cross cut on coping of Morris Canal aqueduct
crossing Pompton River

McNalls Corners, chisel mark on doorstep of house on northwest
corner of road crossing

Fertile, Bench Mark on doorsill of Mr. Higginbotham's house

Newark, copper bolt in foundation of L.V. R.R. stocking bins

Evansville, projection on doorsill of building, Main and Water

Hawthorne, copper bolt in chimney of small house owned by W. T.
Broswell, east of station

Elkland, spike in timber culvert north of tannery switch

Columbus, chisel mark on curb west of insane asylum, near large

Sheds Corners, nail in pile at east end of north abutment of
iron bridge near church

Hopewell, doorsill of ladies' waiting room

Unionville, Bench Mark in Constance's yard

Cedar Fork, nail in root of oak tree west of post-office

Marquette, cross cut on window sill of water-works building

North Bellevue, copper bolt in tile underground, north of creek
which is crossed by railroad bridge 48K

Dubuque, square cut on step to Jess's store, First and Main

Vernon, nail in root of red oak opposite fork of roads

Warners Ranch, San Diego County, nail in butt of willow tree
southwest of Adobe Cabin corral

Buena Vista, Mendocino County, spike in telegraph pole opposite

Swearengin, Bench Mark on stone chimney of Mr. W. B. Huggins's

Chalk Hill, highest point on stone in front of grocery

Bailey, copper bolt in 16 end of box culvert

Oliver, Bench Mark on doorsill of double brick store south of

Greenfield, brass bolt in front wall of Darling & Jones's

Milan, Bench Mark on limestone block in front yard of Doctor
Gordon's house

Egg Bend Landing, wire nail in chimney of dwelling south of
Ryland & Didier's store

Wagram, nail in root of sycamore tree at intersection of Bay
Side and Massey roads

Stampede Tunnel, east end; top of rail at end of snowshed

Mountain Lake, Garrett County, Bench Mark on west abutment of
railroad bridge over Little Youghiogheny River, 3 miles east of

Cedar Keys, cross cut on north pier of Transit of Venus Station

Cedar Keys, iron rod driven in sand at corner of carpenter's
shop on D street

Labran, 0 station

Toros Indian Village, iron post at 1 of Indio road with road
east and west

Mayfield, hitching post at Mayfield Hotel

Middletown, San Diego County, spike in telegraph pole at summit
of motor track between Palm and Quince streets

Phoenix, copper bolt in upper quoin, Lock No. 1, Oswego Canal

Carthage, brass bolt in water table at base of tower of
Christian Church

Upton, chisel mark on horse block at Dr. Noble's office

Waterside, chisel mark on foundation of Waterside woolen factory

Shellmound, monument west of station and east of Mr. Hammond's

Gilbert, Bench Mark on rock on east side of road near top of
hill above Stafford's store

Duo, Bench Mark on bottom step of front porch of house

Duo, plug in rock 1/2 mile northwest

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