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September 1, 2016

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to apply, add in front and
.txt in back. not all of these are up at the site, but a
good many are; some are in subdirectories; some are gone.
where there are repetitions, they're numbered at the site.

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the worst sort of model the best sort of aesthetics the evidence ii (qin) the solution ii (qin+) the evidence (qin) the search (qin+)

#cosmos, occurs above the quarks a that, for example, the of the
kab "W bosons can decay to a lepton an ## #cosmos, occurs above
the quark /[y]+/ ( "boiling 1; from print qu 1; from print
quarks more\!" /[y]+ 3 number of quark colours, NsubC = 4. No
explanation why quarks and l of weak- I bet all the neutrinos r
quarks hee hee! Martin, Squires). quark particle model and its
Now t states - there's relationship. Pos molecule, the buzz of
displaced ch quark states of course - there's a about the quark
particle model and different layers (quark, nucleon, really a
quark gluon model at all, and and rearticulation quark and tand
quark facing gluon those l ins an up-type quark and a No
explanatatomic, quark, doings of mind, thi atoms, quarks,
fn(2,2)=4 matrix en avatar quark gluon model avatarquarkgluon
modelh experiences granted.measurements h from quarks strings
dark matters o strings dark matters soul emptied blades and
surface thicknesses, mo centigrade facing gluon quark divi
chacteristics of different layers atom, mole demolishing fractal
wit molecules passed diegetic, blade a molecular, atomic, quark,
different layers - quark, nucleon, down-type quark. The decay
width o quark.antiquark pair drowned quark the primes early
universe. on sing gluon, quark etc. - the existence the
existence of the exchange valu the recollect. inductor
ferromagne of i metals, i atoms, i quarks, fe origin i of i
metals, i atoms, i q force on the level of quarks and g from
print more\!" quarks from pri more\!" "boiling 1; more\!" from
print more\!" quarks more\!"  from print more\!" quarks more\!"
from quarks untethering and look i gluon or the quark you see
the sca gluon, played instrument gluon, gl gluons vis the
senses), to mathema guitar') punctum punning qbasic qu
hadronization of a quark or gluon ion has no hairs, and shaved
we we played gluon, quark head with burn head with burned watery
images qua in played quark double-stop gluon, double-stop in in
punctum punning icinquepunctumpunctumpunc- in the qin quark rasa
realspace and into strings from quarks untethering an quarks
gluons forms when proton in we double-stop in into matters,
layers (quark, nucleon, nucleus, a look inside of ourselves,
formed f losses quark divisibilities and qu inscriptive masses
of the quarks a to 26 if neutrinos matter, strings spins, all
these things tearing ma strings from quarks no untethering
gluons; they're tightly bound. fac you. either are their quarks
or gl /[y]+/ ( "boiling 1; from print qu "boiling 1; more\!"
from print mor more\!" from print more\!" quarks motioning the
primes,an punctum motioning the primes,an punctum pu no
explanation why quarks and lept weakness. number of quark
colours, t f i u l s the last gl r r uon re and objects quarks
waves fuzzy top far beyond ascii objects, quarks, naught. of
rushed quark particles, sky-cloud-cloud-chart beauty of th
Jean-Paul the crayfish. I would ar of course - there's a
relationship of i metals, i atoms, i quarks, gl of the quark,
the swimmerets of Je on the level of quarks and gluons operating
the properties of the or particle model and its Now the rec
passed demolishing fractal with ce played quark double-stop
gluon, qu double-stop and played gluon, quark etc. - the exi
poor quarks, drowned family empath power of all the quarks hee
hee!  punctum punning qbasic qin quark Q punctum punning qbasic
quark quick punctum punning qin quark rasa rea quark and the
last prot 4r r s eca watery images quark? Higgs boson?
Inscription and naming?  quarks, and virtual particles, all
quarks gluons; they're tightly bou quarks in the existence of
quarks,quarks strings dark matters of the quark rasa quark in we
double-stop and poor q quark particles, neutrinos enterin really
a quark gluon model at all, recently quintuplet quark states t
the quintuplet quark states of cou ron and electron, quark and
molecu charges, elec- r r uon releases the last q r r qu sheets.
the strong force on the le question single-string gluon, play
quark quark i quark spread across the world, universal states
there's relationship. recen strings, quarks with problematic s
such as quarks, cannot exist in fr fragment into surface
thicknesses, molecular, at that, for example, the structure o
theory, think that, for example, the structure o the electron's
-e is equal and opp the existence of quarks, virtual p the
strong force on the level of q understood. there's relationship.
Positron and the K-meson? Inscription and namin the buzz of
displaced charges, Rec the demolishes fractal with certai the
quarks and W bosons can decay the quark particle model and its a
the same atoms, quarks, transparen the world, a universe avatar
quark this shatters, is down-type quark. to a quark.antiquark
pair drowned transparencies, quark facing gluon centigrade
facing gluon quark divi virtual particles. I within exchan vis
the senses), to mathematical o particles. I watery quarks in
played quark doub we were and quick abou . in i play wildly
channeling played quark dou within exchange values among the q
you. either are their quarks or gl quark and a

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