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bone spirit / shaman (earphones)

wood and bone-neck instrument with two strings

and what of the shaman who thrums? who murmurs?
what of this uncanny music, it is shaman stuff, it is power,

it is the body of the shaman, line after line of the body

of the body of the shaman or the body of the shaman

of the body of the bone of the shaman the bone-body shaman

of marking singing, singing marking, of the bone

marking the bone-body

marking the body-bone

o of s shaman, a appealing t to t the s spirit o of s swan.
o of s shaman, a appealing t to t the s spirit o of s swan.

you this bone-body it is shaman staff you it is power runways
laid out in shamanic configuration, shaman in order to speak of
the body-bone bone-body of the shaman, shaman cross-the-bridge,
i a shaman without redemption or belief,

not being a shaman: topology order zero. shamanic index object
speech, song, ownerships, shamanic practices, ours is the life,
spaces of dreams, shamanic spaces, gathering within the
shamanistic fetish for the expulsion of males, fighting forever,
the shamans healing the warriors - familiars, vertical
repetitions, shamans, repetitions, voices, repetitions, shamans,
a shamans, sounds, familiars, horizontal familiars and some
shamans, the few voices, worlds, murmurs, vertical, shamans,
sounds, shamans, vertical familiars, infinitely repairable not
crap cyber-shamanisms, we extend body into blank image, is
substance. that avatar cures; s/he is shamanic, mediating the
for this interweaving - at least in a world where shamanisms are
suspect, spewed shaman? a shaman staff, playing in depth into my
state of mind. we cyber-shamanisms, we extend body behind grasp
and if shamanism goes back to the paleolithic, it has no origin.

i will not stand on sky-pole nor will i shamanic ascend descent,
i die oh oh you can tell oh oh shamans then i die shaman then i
die oh oh you can tell oh oh and what of the shaman who speaks?

the voices, voices, shamans, shamans, o shaman, what speaks
through the shaman, through the materiality of the now in this
piece, nothing is doing, it's just bone-body voices,
repetitions, few repetitions, shamans, repetitions, voices,
repetitions, familiars, horizontal repetitions, voices,
repetitions, shamans, among the music, guiding the music, they
were bone-body shamanism, animal plant animal

familiars, familiar, shamans, sounds, horizontal voices, few
familiar, shamans, voices, and and few transformations shamans,
familiars, few voices, voices, voices, shamans, familiars,
shamans, and familiars, sounds, transformations shamans,
familiars, sounds, sounds shamans, shamans, and familiars,
vertical, shamans, sounds, bone-body bedded,

sounds, sounds, shamans, a shamans, some sounds, familiars,
bone-bodies, voices, shamans, body-bones, cures; you are a
curing shaman, among them, familiars, shamans, body-bone voices,
bone-body sounds some repetitions, sounds worlds, familiars,
shamans, horizonal shamans, a repetitions, worlds, few voices,
and horizonal a transformations and vertical worlds, shamans,

bone-body shamans, body-bone shamans





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