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Rimbaud! And Verlaine! ! ! !

Rimbaud sits at a typewriter in their flat at Rue Monge, he's
working on the Tipsy Boat stuff, banging away! Verlaine can't
stand it, all that banging, he's feeling riotious and plays like
crazy! Outside a motorcar drones by and there's a wind up!
Verlaine says to Rimbaud, There's a wind up! That's riotious!
Rimbaud keeps plugging away on the T.B.! He think's it's really
something! Verlaine's drunk on absinthe and Rimbaud too but
Rimbaud's also drunk on cheap wine! Every stroke of the keys, V.
thinks, is just brilliant! He thinks every stroke is amazing
also! Rimbaud finds Verlaine a real nuisance and this is just
before the guns come out! The wind's howling! Verlaine's playing
a furious Normandy on the fiddle! Rimbaud's letting his juices
flow, he's tapping his feet, he's writing like crazy! Outside
you can hear a motorcar! Verlaine's getting tired! He's got to
keep going so Rimbaud can keep writing! Verlaine keeps Rimbaud's
juices flowing! He thinks Rimbaud's juices! Bang! Bang! Bang!!
Rimbaud's got to keep going! The motorcar's going by at a
furious speed! The typewriter's going at a furious speed!
Verlaine's spent! He's to to keep going! He plays s furious
fiddle Belgique!  Rimbaud's got to keep going! He's riotious! He
keeps going! On Rue Monge! Verlaine's there too!

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