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September 7, 2016

tropical storms and tolling cathedral bells

"words fill your throat more than mine, or rather mine not at

resulting coeval forests dominating rising tropical mines, the
tropical the lowlands first first forests time, rising head
fossil and the wounded blue heron subtropical emanation,
tropical rainforests disappearing at record rates, but the
southern sigillaria, high winds across the tropical froth,
calamites charred by it. Suddenly there are recreations of
tropical forests, African savannas, darker things. saved bird
broken wing set, released, tropical fish graced, issues in a
number of sub-tropical states and territories, demographics of
thermophilic bacteria occurring naturally in hot springs,
tropical soils, resulting in coeval forests dominating rising,
dominating, mining the tropical; now almost all of this is lost,
and the rest is disappearing, appears \ (wounded blue heron
subtropical emanation)\ hempen soft white foot; appears, hempen
jewels mirror hung at sea-bottom vista of the earth: tropical
the lowlands first first forests time, and suddenly there are
recreations of tropical forests, savannas, entropically, winning
out in the end, in a version of primeval forests and the wonders
of their emanations

And please pass this on, thanks -

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