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September 9, 2016

slackbow and bird

viola played w/ loose salt-and-paper bow hairs
test running working on structures because
  who can hear such

The Stars
(slackbow violin inverse dynamics) three meter violin stars
(slackbow violin) three meter violin stars

The stars are three meters up in the sky. If you use something
to reach them, they know that and move from that thing. But then
they return when that thing is moved there. They are very fast.
If you use a telescope to see them, they are the same size in
the telescope. That is optics. Someone next to you or a mile
away sees the same stars. They only shine straight down into

There are many things on the stars. Some of them are quiet and
some of them move about. You can hear them through a telescope.
They make light with sound. You can listen to them. They are
there, on the surface of the stars. Some say they are inside.

The stars are not very bright. They are very close like tiny
insects or leaves. They are good for living. The things on the
stars are very happy there. They know each other and do not use
names. Have you ever heard of names of things on stars. But they
know each other well. They are always there, running and
walking. They can fly but do not like flying. If they fly they
may fall into a telescope. They would be too loud then.

The sun and the moon are just the same. The stars move out of
the way so the sun and the moon can go along. Then the stars
move back to where they were. You cannot see them move, they are
very fast. There are things on the sun but there are no things
on the moon. The moon is a big truffle. You can see it in a
telescope. It just moves about.

The sun moves about too but it is always boiling. You can see
the steam. It a big kettle. It is so close. That is why we are
always hot.

The shooting stars are two meters up in the sky.

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