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September 10, 2016

modernity studies in the lower case

in our place in providence, the decibel level reached 86.3.
unable to think properly, groping with a seething headache,
i took 1/4 trazodone, 3 codeine acetaminophen, and blueberry
tea from halifax. i was woozy. there was a state outside on
aptly-named empyre street, bass going full blast. i tried
sleep. i couldn't think. drums going full blast. there were
horns. i pulled out my giraffe banjorette, set up the h4n,
and began to play. i had troubles hearing myself but the h4n
didn't. i fought off the music outside. my tinnitus was
roaring. i couldn't focus. the windows were closed. the
shades were down. the place was shaking. i played through
three pieces for twenty minutes. i was furious. noise
pollution in providence is horrific; it's reached 92 db at
times. i sleep badly. i'm guilty of brain fog. our place
suffers from more noise than our place in downtown brooklyn.
i tried earplugs. they didn't work. the music-machine grinds

the sound controls. it couldn't be tuned out. things were
shaking. this happens a fair amount. when i played the
giraffe, i could focus on pieces of melody. the giraffe is
melody-perfect. it fights against the desiring-machine. the
desiring-machine desires flesh. it encapsulates flesh. it is
device-control. it runs alt-control-delete. it controls
kill-abort. it seems like teen spirit. it seems like freedom.
freedom is nothing left to lose. it controls teen spirit. it
controls freedom. it seems like postmodernity. i became ill.
my head's going to explode. i tried reading john clellon
holmes' go. i couldn't focus. tinnitus explodes. for once i
noticed a severe differential between the right and left ear.
i recorded the musicsound. have it now. i think of bernie
krause and mickey hart and fred lieberman. i want to write
like film noir but it's just noir. but the music's good and
you don't have to hear it at 86.3 db.

then there's this - the rewritten cull below - and i think of
the primordial, and the Baal-Babel of noise tearing into the
body, never letting go. and it may be that noise.

the giraffe banjorette is a very quiet instrument.


radiations/postmodernity\ / machinic - I can 'do'
multiculturalism, postmodernism, postmodernity, a _deflationary
regime_ - not postmodernity's _implosion of information,_
post-modernity is only a phase and a phrase conjured up by those
who lack. History is the Baal-Babel of modernity. (Sondheim.)
other, a disaster, back to modernity and disaster moanings of
the bar, in/forms like all radiations. In modernity,
premodernity, whatever, on/off thinking from pre-cambrian,
paleolithic, modernity. life in the name of values that
modernity itself has created, hoping to want all one wants about
postmodernity, virtuality, subjectivity, the body, consumption,
capital), spoiler (postmodernity and ethos). Think
postmodernity, soja's geographies, jargoned than, :> >>>how
nauseated? advantage of postmodernity was the recognition of the
inherency and import postmodernity. Individual histories,
identities, spam offers, ISPs, etc., postmodernity, where
selves, ideologies, and languages are contested. Hermeneutics of
Postmodernity? We have the major newspapers, magazines, All too
often, we hear that postmodernity has eliminated, or at least
among postmodernity's fractal deconstructions of knowledge,
coming to the occasional shower. I began thinking: dust and
radiations, post-modernity postmodernity So what will or connect
the commonplace? The Network? As the Network grew, through
late-capitalism and postmodernity - a postmodernity of
historiography or devolution of _the stages of life's_ account
of postmodernity: ausserhalb under erasure. postmodernity - Ds
that tend revolution of the body & Ds, nomadicisms &
late-late-capitalist postmodernity, where selves, ideologies,
And in the midst of all of this (postmodernity): the past
appears only post-modernity dispersed, defused, like identities
across films. nexus lacra. In postmodernity, since simulacra and
the real interpenetrate, trans sky-fingered eye postmodernity
generatied unless post-modernity or extrusion, an embarkation
upon a faulty ship chart postmodernity, is always in a state of
renewal, whether or not the 'type' results. I see in these the
icons of postmodernity - dispersions that tend has either the
one or the other, a disaster, back to modernity and totality.
either the one or the other, a disaster, back to modernity and
modernity, whatever, presencing any presentification, according
to their fragmentary subversion of modernity and mechanism,
while remaining Postmodernity is the topography and
psychogeography of dusts and radiatioons skittering; a dark
non-classical extrusion, embarkation faulty fact to discuss
postmodernism, postmodernity, or any other relevant absorbed
back genre postmodernity state renewal whether 'type' rather
than the postmodernity that some of us take for granted? From
modernity to postmodernity, the following processes occur,
primarily cosmology, internets, and postmodernity, the ideal
neither disappears nor either the one or the other, a disaster,
back to modernity and disaster irrelevant - in order to arrive
at a model which, vis-a-vis postmodernity, vative swing away
from postmodernity, and current American imperialist _mess_
_messes_ appear from the chaos of modernism postmodernity is
culation - which is in accordance with postmodernity's emphasis
on the primordial prespace psychoanalytics of fundamental space
(tending towards postmodernity); it's not the empty set with
_dimension one_ or the other, a disaster, back to modernity and
disaster (catastrophe) Embracing postmodernity, we await its end
- full of manifolds in flux. Streams and strata. Postmodernity.
loss of metanarrative. But it's not a case of postmodernity or
thinking from modernity, futuring, unstaying.

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