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The Book of the Word of Philosophy

The word of philosophy presupposes it isn't uttered on the
streets of Aleppo, under inordinate duress, by those near death,
by victims of unspeakable acts; the word of philosophy
presupposed the clarity and coherence of the well-functioning
academy, of filters bringing those outside, within, of those
within, enclaved, of the enclaves, exclusionary with the
illusion of transparency and inclusivity, exclusionary with the
surgical removal of the other, exclusionary with the differend,
exclusionary within the hardly-recognizable superstructure of
those who define themselves as the thinking or meditative class;
the word of philosophy presupposes the architecture of clarity
as well, the authority of proper equalization or the shout of
the street brought within; the clean and proper footnoting of
the clean and proper bibliography of the clean and proper
archival procedures of the clean and proper cleansing class
supported by these adjuncts to thinking and the thinking class;
all that is entangled as such is tethered in the fragile
solidity of air, conference, salary, health and healthcare; the
word of philosophy presupposes everything and nothing, is leaky,
coruscated, scabbed, troubling, insomniac;

and in the pieces below, and others, I learn from the brilliance
of others, I collaborate - and the word of philosophy is
embodied and embedded, the word of philosophy is no longer
lecture/lectern or stamina, is among itself, among its ghosts,
the ghosts of Aleppo for example, ghosts of holocausts
everywhere singing the praises of philosophy, the choir and
chorus of philosophy -

and the word of philosophy is another word, a word from silence,
from the metaphor of the heart and mind, of the organism - I
claim further _this_ is the word of philosophy, were philosophy
to speak -

were philosophy no longer to be spoken _for-


Again, presented (new work) and re-presented, the pieces below
include discussion by

Tom Zummer in dialog with reverse reverberation,
on an anecdote with Agamben, and the ineffable
impossibility of real-time reverse reverberation

Murat Nemet-Nejat
habitus of the ineffable
theory of poesis, poesis of theory
interior of the exterior of the container
cave troubles

--- (M.D.)
Maria Damon

I understand that sublimation is the process of repressing the
"baser" instincts i.e. the libido in favor of structure and
cultural production of some kind, but it also seems as if the
same processes and products are in play in the attempt to reach
the highest point of metaphysical ineffability and failing; the
music, art, high-level philosophical/mathematical thinking that
results is the by-product of aiming *beyond* the point of
articulability rather than having its origins in the realm
*below* it. Of course these are the two sides of the same coin
of, say, addiction.

- Maria Damon

Azure Carter, discussion beneath the surface




Thus the _word_ of philosophy is its _doing and undoing_ within
the world - like the rest of us - nothing more or less - resting


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