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September 30, 2016

Lesson of the Suicides

There are four characters: Murray, Muriel, Monika, Menard.

They have attempted suicide. All of been apprehended by the

Yes, they are brought to trial. They have formed a group, each
of them supporting the others. None of them want to live.

The police arrest them. The police are brutal and the evidence
of the crime is overwhelming.

Murray has rope burns around his neck. Muriel has slashed
wrists. Monika has severe poisoning. Menard has not eaten.

They are brought to court. This is more than law, this is
justice. Each of them pleads guilty. No tears are shed.

The trial is as swift as justice. They are condemned. The law is
just. They are sentenced to death.

Murray will die by hanging. Muriel will die by amputation.
Monika will be poisoned. Menard will be starved.

This is a warning for suicides.

Gotterdam the Nation-State

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