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October 9, 2016

Compos non Compos

revrev flute post-production shifted down two octaves. n-joy.

the network is a membrane Composed of nodes, better considered
development idea nearly deComposable hierarchies. times
Compositionally, but then there was freeform; i loved guiseppi
logan she smears to deComposing doll, heart rate monitor freezes
and machine neural networks that alter not only weighted values
leave world behind ("when man asleep, Composed, ser tored
through skull, cyberspace mobile sources paraphrased covers
Composite models, attempts at still more basic level").
personally, doubt Compositeness exists all way down; char
Composition class brown into an experimental writing group pub
dance Compositions future generations. power over nature
otherdefined self text directed towards other, analogic)
superego (apollonian, or rather nearly deComposable phenomena,
hence possibly dark matter almost every avatar you see
represented two people; if best, each itself Composite.
Composites male matrix compression _hard drive_ deCompositions
under aegis postmodern. since one never dat every phrase, poem,
Composition. "poet works hard Composition, word must fit. heat
air, they're think chimera Composites." Composition; buck
system. asked paper footnotes, one line paper, hierarchies
deCompose holarchies limit ... deComposed space time cells
enable distributed signalknotted, one self deComposes,
deconstructs forgetting. fast forward, imminent, deComposable.
but molecules also encoding, we learn japanese character gai,
foreign, reader/listener writer/Composer, some in _gai,_ return
difference, absolute deComposable? left ear linetoCompose
longerormmore complex texts. ortherewould have been t bone
showed me ways 300 using old unix mail has more! "literature
isn't shoving match f'f(a)  > a" such. a' disappears entity,
although rapidly undergoing deComposition. reichenbach's
genidentity punished result collapse nearly=deComposable hierar
Compose structure during critical phase ecosystem provide
insight community keith waldrop it here wild parts wild, wild
deComposes conduit (fiber, radiolink, wire), routers servers,
_fundamental distortion_ breakins, breakdowns - "variable
deComposition me," continued same calmness. vexed Composure, he
down. it's simply totality least {x: x not equal x}. (null sets
null sets): 0 = (life nearly deComposable hierarchies, follow up
stars gave Composi walking...dazed... up..."it's nearly
deComposable," homing in "waveform significant nonzero spectrum
seeable unity," statements fragments envision mime attachment
invisible escape codes; open theory, annihilation home owners'
associations church groups. who can closed _almost independent_
(nearly ally foreclosed. (this where issues near deComposability
come debrisfilm, deComposition: disorders drug, dundas etr,
editorial electron
alt.cyberspace capable being quite long,
short sections. larger organisms (Composed cyanobacteria) fossil
records, monks vibrating monks, _differently Composed_ off line
than on... absenting because reading vy, because, me, vy hyper
complex Compositions: 'that's debussy, that's jazz, van
deComposable'; responsible another. graphic. motility kristevan
chora elementals, terms hierarchies, now seen-tions importance:
_correspondences,_ inner Compositions, non elementary outer
Composition configur information call _Composition,_ fresh woman
war machine, hopeless nothing stops called "nearly hierarchies)
fashion so coup hit miss deCompositions immersive situation
resists deComposition, hidden "why, could, do bid song diones,
time scales within!" hemispheres joined tight; i, jack, silver
suit, well; w Composite; f s, j i, u v, begin utter great war
effected vast changes social Compos rock . uncluttered Composure
thread conclusion, cold gray atlantic? afterthought thought.
Composure. construct. construction. you afterthought thought
rules standing 104 walking edge world: standard film generally
of, 90 appearance deComposes; making. boundar completion. forget
deComposition; ghost! illusion salt pepper salt and pepper bow;
viola; (_dissolved_); produces white old; viola rababa; tense,
augment; creator beings; diminished praying, wishing, Composing,
serenading, rhyming, hoping, arrive, vigil looked scenic herself
Compost heaps, your excrement, hot heaters (both domestic
thermophilic): optimum growth 45c; occur piles, thermophilic
bacteria: fork ansi longing scald Composers tow reuniting
contemplativeices share Compositing terminal echo precedes
internet text reflects thread exit mode, tion else, know ability
reCompose, collect one's thoughts, interpolate did june? said
her; (but rewrite gender; face Composes gender for deComposure
form deComposition, rewriting difficult meanderings science
Compositional compete four copyrighted yosemite webcam praise
memories menken, hans Composer zimmer king little ryuichi
ryuichiComposer collection artist(s): file, entire files, saying
irc, telnetting, Composing on line. wry answer, proceeds
mechanism realms sexuality rim incidents early 214 radicals
prose Composition: vlf different most artifacts pretty
deComposed, fufpicious marks author's _non Compos_; therefore
last worth price book ($39.95). scene, Compositeur, bit
movement; can't dance, awkward 1937. work, largely anecdotes,
many discombobulation, snow discomfit, snow discomfiture, snow
disCompose, snow disComposure, snow disconcert, snow
disconcertion, snow disorder, watch duet original soundtrack
carter, Composition/voice rudding odors sweat vaginal semen ova
moktak plane, bird, lake, hummingbirds sparrows consciously
imitating famed xenakis. do, material. chronicle planet lazer
tag kicking cancer lesion mainly messagesnotificationsCompose
homeaccountprivacylogoutalan's hide combined momentum;
isComposure, "s/he analogic (and superego) apollonian,
individuals it." exciting foofwa danced disturbingsuicidebirds
ents, rage deComposes, inertia Composes; overturns reComposes
skitter truth; died, sister going uncle's funeral, earlier
Composition sondheim a.s. another take cubic existing amidst
conditions transformations musical improvised traditional
Compositions. nomadic, adoredegyptians osiris.of heradored
Composedwith jointsof priapus, thoth ptah, ra, she egyptians
adored carapace, "carapace" prims constitute ingham concert,
robert ashley Composers/performers (sound) alto clarinet,
internal breath, Composite, reed, metal current_city public
current_Composer friends; except: default_Composer restricted
name_day now_Composer previous_secondary_Composer
recent_Composer relationships bow testing john cage whose silent
1952 "'4'33" famously sounds heard Compose.exe deCompose.exe
ifsCompose.exe Composite.pod photo, list recordings, illustrate philosophy.! shakuhachi urls prior
parameter choice, shaping oh improvisation murmurs sections;
clearest words, sheave rela (latter 13 stills, trouble w/ vlc)

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