The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

The Large Hall Turned Me Inside Out

k1% well, the large hall was recorded
ksh: well,: not found
k2% the large hall was recorded with a variety of reverse
ksh: the: not found
k3% then the recording was recorded with inverse dynamics
ksh: syntax error: `then' unexpected
k4% well, the recording was reversed
ksh: well,: not found
k5% the amplitudes were controlled throughout
ksh: the: not found
k6% the large hall turned inside-out
ksh: the: not found
k7% time reversed its ruly stream
ksh: reversed: not found
     0.00s real     0.00s user     0.00s system
k8% my organs and nerves covered the outside of my body
ksh: my: not found
k9% a brutal and painful skin
ksh: a: not found
k10% inverted skin and my screams entered my limbs
ksh: inverted: not found
k11% someone fucked my cock and electrified my brain
ksh: someone: not found
k12% i'm sure all of this happened in real life and real time
> somewhere i've forgotten who i am
ksh: im sure all of this happened in real life and real time
somewhere ive: not found
k13% no idea what to do but i'm making babies all around
> the room's fucked my nerves and organs nothing's left
> room's stopped all of this
ksh: no: not found
k14% or did it, no it didn't
> or maybe it did, this is what happens when you swallow
> you're just about dead, not a bad option
ksh: or: not found
k15% at least not now, not a bad option at all
at: You do not have permission to use at.


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