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October 12, 2016

The Sick Philosopher

When is the philosopher not sick?
What is the organization, in english, of an instant
of the letter 'e'?
Under what circumstances is it written?
What occurs within a brain fog entangling the conceivable
and inconceivable?
Why are there questions rather than answers?
What is the function of the clean and proper body of the
Is this acceptable?
Does the academic text already shackle truths and the
landscapes of the history and the body?
Where are you in the text?
What is the purport and purpose of editorial control?
Is there a standard corpus of writing under the weather?
Is the content of writing under illness fundamentally a
different form of analysis?
Is the different form of analysis conceivably closer to
a more accurate delineation of the horizon of weakness
and faltering to which we all will eventually succumb?
The philosopher in the war zone.
The philosopher on the deathbed.
The sickly and impoverished philosopher.
The homeless philosopher, the refugee.
The philosopher who cannot speak.
The philosopher who cannot publish.
The tortured philosopher. The mutilated philosopher.
The philosopher who allows no one to speak for hir.
The philosopher who speaks for no one.
The philosopher whose speech occupies the fullness of
the resonance of the world.
The philosopher whose speech occupies nothing.
Is there a standard corpus of illness and violation?
Does philosophy benefit from depression or manic-depression?
Are there such things?
What is the peer review of the tortured or mutilated?
Who reviews anything and anywhere?
What becomes the corpus?
What about the unclean and improper body of the
philosophical text?
The abject philosophical text which is unanswerable?
Which is philosophy?
What of improper and abject dialog?
What of the clearinghouse?
What of the camp?

Who is philosophy for?
What of sickness that cannot afford your perfect text?
What of your perfect text for perfect people?
What of the economics of your perfect text?
What of your disguise of your imperfect health?
What of your writing that always already falters?
What of the philosophy of the faltered?
What of the sick philosopher?
What of us?

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