The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

October 13, 2016


unceasing the slide of the car with the man with the gun into
the space with the people with the shots; unceasing repeats of
violence and breathing; unceasing calendrics of sutures and
furies; unceasing denials and soundings of bodies and
breathings; unceasing the tide of forming, performing the
shooting and tortures of bodies and partings; unceasing the
signing of mourning and death do these partings; unceasing the
seizing and ceasing; unceasing the casements and bowing bone
strings strung to the ground; unceasing the ground and the
Grund; unceasing unseizing; unceasing

"blinking unceasingly, no longer comprehending, staring at
destiny unceasingly present, unceasing flooding of lapped shores
world without termination, infinite, unceasing, there is no
unceasingly, or leaping, at sustained intervals, from its opened
chambers, whirlwind erotics, tantra unceasingly, or leaping, at
sustained end, it proceeds without termination. infinite,
unceasing, there is no, none, no seizing, unceasing incessant

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