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Some riddles I can't answer

What has three legs and gets migraines?

What do terminal velocity and Grand Central have in common?

What is orange, lives in caves, and carries firewood to town?

What lives to deny, and denies to live?

Conversely, what dies to agree, and agrees to deny?

What is the turmoil of Rhodes?

What famous javelin player is named Wendy?

What has one body, two legs, three arms, and four fingers?

Who lives on the ridge-pole of Salisbury Cathedral?

What borrows a tree to return a golden quest?

Who or what are the Catherine Strings and from where?

Why is "Don't be a stranger" stranger then a stranger?

Where do the Forlorn reside in the Manor of Athelbury?

Why does a riddle have one leg, a conundrum two, a query three,
and a question four?

What is the song that the Princeworms sing?

If you breathe through a rock, where does the air go?

Do staring starlings starring star?

What has downcast eyes and flies by fits and starts?

What goes back in the west and forward due north?

What is a word for cowardice, rosehips, and a cough?

Who died before she was born and lived before she died?

"It's curtains" refers to how many curtains?

Who is more curious, the miser or the bride?

What is the difference between a clock and a pump-organ?

What is the thing of which the play is?

What did Excaliber say to the stone?

What is the difference between a woman with a garden-rake
and a man with a trowel?

What is the difference between moving off and moving on?

What did the bartender say to the horsefly?

What is the difference between a salad fork and days?

What did the Argonaut say to the chitarrone?

If life has meaning, does meaning have life?

How many entomologists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

How many centipedes make a millipede?

What mates tame steam, teams, and meats?

What is gray, made of lead, and flies?

Does a waterfall fall?

If a story stems from a flower, do the roots stalk the leaves?

A catcher, a pitcher, and a ball walk into a bar. What did the
horsefly say to the bartender?

What has one leg, claws on two, knees on three, and hair?

If life is meaningless, is grue the color of the present king of

What is it that one can't do alone, two can't do by the sea,
three can't do in the pasture, and four can't do at night?

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