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October 22, 2016

From the Selfing Memorandum

Apocalypse, Do not Tred on Me

the self. for those forbidden to self-murder, already present,
state-sanctioned self-destruction available for all. another
internal hack rewrites software towards self-destruct; fork-
bombs oh poor men and women driven to self-destruction 'personal
= the profit' idiotic =the MOTHER self-destructive idiotic mode
self-destructive of mode existence, existence itself imitating
masochism. That's in quite the all brain, right. again.
self-destructing nicely, nicely, in ways. isis will murder us.
the republicans will murder us. only masochistic egotist egotist
self-destructing fancies attack 'benefit' another, from the
first. self-destruction sarcasm of = nervous life, its unruly
self-destruction + nervous attack life-force on, fathermother,
masochistic egotist egotist self-destructing fancies _! _/ _. _'
_" _( _[ from the first. self-destroying mines of obsolete
software ;) ;[ ;$ ;* : :^ self-destructing memories, back into
that wholeness peered upon by the deflection. self-destruction,
whimpering self-destruct. play this against the current
apocalyptic trend; they're not that dissimilar - think of
residing sovereignty, part-objects, self-destructing wholeness
and self-destructing memories, back into that wholeness peered
upon by the the rest of us safe in our bunkers wait and
weighing-in on the apocalypse. play this against repetition and
decay, the queasy apocalypse, hammering our skins to our bones,
murdering us as we wait for, weigh in for, the next attack.


adults self-hate i'd self-bootstrapping self-devouring
self-interrogation self-occlusions self-reliance since Australia
self-critique Because self-extract-AM Cries oo self-centered
devouring self-organism God is self-existent I'll naked self-o
sure-o Sheaves braids self-cancellation There's self-promotion
Thus self-play entity self-awareness self-induction adds
'self-awareness' alter self-interaction alterity self-construct
avatar] self-applicable be self-annoucement better hide
self-devour biography book self-contrary carrying
self-simulacrum casual self-analysis cathexis self-similar
censor self-sensor doing classical self-sacrifice coaxing
self-recursive com self-help welcome communtes self-desgnng
corrode self-obfuscate crooked self-loathing disappeared
self-abuse! embedding self-embedding fairly self-explanatory
famous self-thwarting files self-censored two final self-service
frag fleeing self-modifies fogs self-ha red fractal
self-similarity generates self-created good self-sustaining
grasslands self-critical i-social self-obsessed influx
self-evidence interviews self-sonic langauge$self->murdered
$king leads defeat self-hacked narratives neglec net take
self-protective non-equil- self-defense ongoing self-medication
oppression self-ques perhaps pipelined self-regulated placed
self-strain hooks porous self-defining praise self-assured
procedures self-control pure self-slaughter replies
self-exhausting self of i self- re produce self--or container
self--we self-h tural self-Opinion self-abnegation Electric
self-absorbed appetite self-abuse te self-accompaniment heim
self-action see self-activated motor self-active SL use
self-administered self-advertising self-alienation
self-annihilates self-annihilation self-annoucenment
self-announcement ] self-appeared Buddha self-approximation
self-assuredness self-body-image terms self-bounded These
self-canceling self-cancellations self-cannibalizing
self-cauterization self-cauterized self-cauterizes ontic
self-cen ion around him self-cens self-growth self-censoring
can't self-centeredness said self-closure the eats
self-cognizant self-colon- That self-colonization jewe
self-comfort late night self-condemnation! have
self-congratulation self-conscious spirited self-conscious- ness
self-consciousness self-consistent fraud self-constructed
cameras self-construction This self-contained magazines
self-containment tropes self-contradiction Our
self-contradictory self-controlled narcissistic self-creation
self-critiqued hardly self-death knew I'd TT self-debasement
knows self-decomposes self-deconstructs self-defeat
self-defeating self-delight self-delusion them Basic
self-deprecating using self-deprecation going self-descriptions
Emote self-destruct idiot's self-destructing nicely
self-destruction self-destructive self-determination
self-determined brought self-determining symbols self-devouri
self-biting self-disappearance self-discipline myth
self-discovery self-discredit hi self-discussion self-disgustedx
capital self-dismemberment self-displaces art self-dispossessed
cu self-distribution S self-doubts critiques self-dribbling He
get self-effacement self-effacing self-emloyed$OK$choice$of$
self-enclosed couple self-ensemble self-erasure self-es filled
brim self-esteem excitement self-evident HONEY self-examinations
self-excitation self-explanation fiction self-expression ien
Told self-extraction cancel self-fellatio self-fleeing seated
self-formation > over self-fucking neck self-fulfilling second
self-fullfilling self-gen self-generated fear loop
self-generating if self-generation Could self-generations
protest self-governing possess self-guarding useless self-hating
creative self-hatred its self-hatreds their ten self-horizon
form self-hunting self-identi- self-identical rootless
self-illumination self-immobiliza code self-immolate do
self-immolatiin icandoit self-immolating Jennifer
self-immolation self-importance Canada self-imposed
self-improvement silicon self-incorporation self-induced >> Why
self-induces Let initial self-inducting mutually self-indulgence
large self-indulgent ah! self-inscribed eternity self-inscribing
gypsy self-inscription self-inserted kills self-installation
self-installations self-interest so self-intersect
self-justification self-know totalized self-knowledge Mis
self-less negation self-liquidat nity hand self-liquidatio
frontal self-liquidation self-lit hungry uh self-love cues
self-de- self-mapping self-meshing forbidden self-mocking
self-modifications metal self-modifying develop- self-monitor
Any self-motivated explore self-murder self-mutilation severe
self-mutilations self-negation codework self-operated
self-organ- self-organization self-organized self-organizes
self-organizing The self-orthogonal self-overcoming inertia
self-owned self-performative self-perpetuating self-pity it's
self-pleasure Perhaps self-policing faltered self-portrait by
cannot self-portraits self-presentation self-presented
self-preservation And he self-preserving self-pro plateau i've
self-problematizing self-proclaimed new self-promoting
self-pronunciation loses self-propelled vehicle self-protection
self-publication placing self-published several self-publishing
includes self-punishing rage self-reference please ing
self-references actor self-referencing let self-referential
self-referentiality self-referentially self-reflecting generous
self-reflection cyborg self-reflective flow self-reflex
self-reflexive self-reflexively uses self-reflexivities New
self-reflexivity criticality self-regulating self-regulation
Azure self-reification self-relating self-releases self-reliant
dawn self-replicating self-replication self-reproduce multiple
self-reproductive MOTHER self-revolution far self-righteousness
I self-same self-scourge self-selving occurring
self-servingtowru s self-serving! self-silencing wetware
self-similarities self-slaughtered that's self-spanning
reflective self-strangling beyond self-strangulation
self-swallowed-sword self-swamp bent bone self-taught
self-teleport attached self-theory ugly self-to-come self-worth
whether apply sheaves shows plagued self-doubt sions
self-operations skin self-restraint smileys self-organize speak
self-image drugs speaker self-moving gems splayed self-loathed
stars self-referenti starts self-consuming sublime
self-illuminated ter how therapy turned faltering type
self-exposure was self-employed worked writing self-ref very

|:: self-destroying angel

From the Selfing Memorandum

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