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Semiotic Splatter

- those three terms, gamespace, edgespace, blankspace - and for
example melville's 'whiteness of the whale' or moby dick itself
- the book-archive - a splattering of signs, partial structures,
strange attractors across texts and horizons - consider fall
foliage - the potential randomness in color transformations. for
in blankspace signs jostle - forms of roiling, coagulations,
even fractals filling the space of uneasy dreams - things
brought out from below -

- it's this that characterizes blankspace, the splatter need not
have structure, or rather brings along, with it, partial
structures, partial objects, fragments - from the 'outside, the
realm of structure, of absolute 0 and 1 - they appear broken,
corrupt - from within, they're just 'what they are' - hard to
agree with this, for example against the totalizations of
classical marxism, cultural marxism, semiotics, psychoanalytics,
catastrophe theory, the subaltern of the internet of things in
'chorus' -

humans interpret signs in trails as signifiers in a deeper sense
- the modalities for example of nature or maqam in arabic music
- we're always re-centering - production of ptolemaic epicycles
- the finesse of mensuration as tolerance decreases creates
ruptures, fissures, cracks, across all of this - tortoise-shell
divination - reading the cracks as a _precise_ example of
splatter at work - empires fail and fall, rise and succeed on
such - the poesis of the sign whose promise and premise is taken
for grant, all - encompassing - the splatter of american flags
and violent rhetoric - all disorganized with deeper organization
- temporary communalities - trotskyites debating through the
decline of the red son - those deeper organizations attempting
the barriers of gamespace - or _gamespacing_ - the empire of the
sign which collapses with the sign which collapses with empire -
semiosis percolations -

within those cracks and fissures of edgespace, fissures grow -
lichens with triple or quadruple organic communities - what
begins as noise ends as inscription - as alphabet - alphabetics
as generators - among the veering gyre of semiotic splatter -
selves as self-organizations - things fall apart - it can't
happen here - as selves tighten hold - all growths die - nothing
is reborn - the blankness of the magic mystery slate - it all
begins again - nothing begins again - among thus, nothing begins
- nothing ends - then, what consciousness perceives - the game
and its negations of perfections - where culture begins - the
clutter - the making sense - the sense - the turning away, the
scapegoat or scapeboat - the refugee - splatter is never self-
contained - never contained - the cleanup of the clean and
proper body, sweep-up of the world, denials of genocide - the
genocide itself - the *cide as an operator - edgespace crackles
on the precipice of construction and destruction - gamespace
names these nonsensical terms, con* and de* and their placement
in culture - lisp comes to mind, programs and potential wells -
the minutiae of gamespace - the game of throwns -

the reading of the world is the writing of the world - world
becomes worlding, origin, its appearance as already written -
the logic of the origin necessarily a reversal - there's no
tomorrow - there's only closure - enclosure - inscription
devouring the ikonic - becoming the understood - someone or
other writes a book -

archive's _origins_, preservation - archive becomes the state -
splatter cleaned up - 99% of all germs annihilated - new
antibiotics from _new_ fungi, bacteria, molecular biologies,
crispr - things are _on their way_ - archive equivalent to
redundancy - someone or other burns a book - chatter of things
among things - apocalypse now and then - our enemy the archive -
the time of time -

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suture the process with the instantaneous - splatter collapse -
no due process, process always due -

process due and paid for -

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