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October 26, 2016

Semiotic Splatter ii

selected modes of strange attractors, opportunisms at local
levels among actants whose boundaries are problematic, fissures,
fractured economies, local competitions. reading the theory of
Semiotic Splatter i (unnumbered in my lifetime), it becomes
apparent that TAZ - temporary autonomous zones - are in
continuous process of formation, information, deformation,
deconstruction - that such processes are found universally in
'nature' (such as it is, unmanaged, managed, unmanaged,
evanescent and uncanny), that totalities (on the scale of
language, culture, organism) weaken, transform into
distributions. so here we are, here we are not.

here we are, here we are knot.

here we are, here we are not knot.

modes, that like superstructures, are top-heavy, multiple,
topple - groupings dependent on an influx of energy controlled
within certain tolerances - energy changing faster than copings
- as if always already after the structure - decomposition of
the structure - one retreats to categories, kernels - one
ignores an inert and indeterminate degree of sloppiness - the
sick category-theoretical mathematician -

network speed test reporting download speed of 1.80 mbps, upload
at 0.99 mbps, network delay at 202 ms, but actually up to 1088
ms in these rough times -

the sick category-theoretical mathematician - the pain in hir
side, the weakening of the mind, s/he uses the term 'brain-fog'
- when a paper is published, due accreditation is necessary -
the network weakens - as if it were going down - calumny -
traducement - resonance - splatter -


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