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October 27, 2016

Semiotic splatter and the Body of Hillary Clinton

let us call her attacker v - let us not name him - let us unname
him - this is not about the polity, commons or dialog - it's
about attack - the rape by proxy of the body of HRC - splatter-
attack which retains v's dominance in the news - HRC will start
wwiii - HRC is disgusting when she returns late from the
bathroom - HRC should be in jail - HRC should not be allowed to
run - HRC has no stamina for the job - HRC is physically ill -
HRC is mentally ill - HRC is rigging the election - everyone
hates HRC - HRC is the devil - HRC stumbles - HRC participated
with her husband - look at her - look at HRC -

v: the election is rigged - the media are against me. v: HRC
founded isis. v: the election is rigged -

repetition drives everything - the compulsion to repeat - HRC
doesn't stand a chance - HRC doesn't stand - HRC stumbles - look
at HRC stumbling - freud's death-drive provides an engine -
sondheim's gamespace analyzes - v controls the gamespace,
extends it through semiotic spatter - everything out of v's
mouth is reported - the horror! the horror! - joseph conrad lets
loose - j.c. as well - v fills the blankspace with repetition
after repetition -

v: the election is rigged - HRC should be thrown in jail - HRC
might as well be a rapist - HRC - HRC - HRC - disgusting - the
woman is disgusting - v: wants to rip babies out of the womb -
v: everyone hates HRC -

the very ill-definition, ill-defining of splatter guarantees its
impossibility within the usual chaotic arenas of debate - v: i
will throw her in jail - v: the election is rigged - v: i will
undo everything the president has done my first day in office -

the media reports v - the media to be sure is not neutral - but
the splatter continues from the mouth of v - from his followers
- from his rallies - reported night after night - day after day
- until HRC looks as if she's recoiling - a victim of recoiling
- a victim who calls the shots - a victim of repetition by a
bully who commands the media - who dominates the media - who
disturbs political discussion - who repeats america - who
repeats the flag - who embraces the flag - who embrace - in and
through the splatter - an absolutist vision of control and
command - a vision of absolute negation - v: HRC will start
wwiii -

as if gamespace were fixed - as if v fixed gamespace - it's a
space of rape - a space of control - of repeal roe vs. wade - of
punishment for women who abort - punishment for HRC - punishment
for immigrants of an uncertain status - punishment of nato -
v: i repeal america - HRC is disgusting -

the attacks are against the body - v: the body - every body - is
dissolute, dissolves, heads towards certain demise - but these
attacks focus on one body - HRC-body and those who think they
can get away with HRC - v: the election is rigged - v: the
election is rigged -

v: i coagulate splatter - i freeze phenomenology in its tracks -
i settle for nothing less than absolute negation - i will define
- i will repeal - i will take back - i will guard - i will
defeat - i will build a wall -

v: i am a wall - i am the best wall you have ever dreamed of - i
am the perfect wall - you will not believe what an amazing wall
- what an amazing company i am - i build perfect walls - v:
isn't she disgusting -

the body of Hillary Clinton
the body of Hillary Clinton
the body of Hillary Clinton
the body of Hillary Clinton
the body of Hillary Clinton

v: i will make america great again
v: i am a wall

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