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October 28, 2016

Semiotic Splatter and Perfunctory Organization iv

reinforcement, strange attractors - to place images in their
proper order - to order the images - order the imaginary - it
was the storm (violent where we were) that uttered the world -
then later -

what does structure have to do with it - cognitive dissonance -
tentative movement of the walking-stick -

not this -

Actions leading to heaven are in my power if I will them,
therefore I will will them. (George Berkeley)

nor this -

Doctrines of liberty, prescience etc. explain'd by Billiard
balls. (George Berkeley)

nor this -

Mem. The strange errours men run into about the pictures.
(George Berkeley)

perhaps -

Your towers turned to torrents,
  Your walls waved like a fan.
We threw away the sheepskins
  And for the slide poles ran.
(Nathalia Crane)

an a posteriori phenomenology of forms

the good tidings of the standing wave -
the inward and outward breathing of the ocean -
the storm from above - currents from below -
ruptures on the surface of the earth beneath
the surface of the ocean - the constriction
and funneling of water - formlessness cauterized -
the rusted emblem - the exudation - the moment
of the exudation - its vanishing - its evanescence -


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