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October 31, 2016

Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2016 23:33:26
From: Otoliths Editor <>
To: undisclosed-recipients:  ;
Subject: Otoliths #43 is live.

Issue forty-three, the southern spring 2016 issue of Otoliths is now live &
available for your reading & viewing pleasure.


No tricks, just treats this All Hallows' Eve. Work in a variety of styles &
a variety of media from Jesse Glass, El Habib Louai, Scott MacLeod, Maria
Damon & Alan Sondheim, Dennis Andrew S. Aguinaldo, Cecelia Chapman, Pete
Spence, Kyle Hemmings, Heath Brougher, Volodymyr Bilyk, George McKim, Nicole
Pottier, John J. Trause, Sanjeev Sethi, Ian Ganassi, Jim Leftwich, Willie
Smith, Philip Byron Oakes, Mary Claire Garcia, Douglas Barbour & Sheila E.
Murphy, AG Davis, Peter Ganick, differx (Marco Giovenale), Jim Meirose, Mark
Roberts, Olivier Schopfer, William Repass, Texas Fontanella, Michael
Gottlieb, John W. Sexton, Edward A. Dougherty, Eric Hoffman, hiromi suzuki,
Simon Perchik, John M. Bennett, Ivan Arg?elles, Scott Helmes, John Xero, Pat
Nolan, Andrew Topel, Daniel John Pilkington, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Raymond
Farr, Lakey Comess, Bill Dunlap, Christopher Barnes, Robert Okaji, Jeff
Bagato, Nico Vassilakis, Mitchell Garrard, Keith Higginbotham, Fabrice
Poussin, Richard Kostelanetz, Sabine Miller, Meeah Williams, sean burn,
Louise Landes Levi, Brendan Slater, Oscar Towe, Tom Beckett, Mark McKain,
J?rgen O. Olbrich,  Sneha Subramanian Kanta, Jorge Lucio de Campos, Eileen R.
Tabios, Andrea Mason, Joe Balaz, Michael Caylo-Baradi, Jacqueline M. P?rez,
Owen Bullock, Roger Mitchell, Steve Dalachinsky, Jeff Harrison, Aur?lien Leif,
Holly Day, Stephen Vincent, Carol Stetser, nick nelson, Seth Howard, Taylor
Leigh Ciambra, Poornima Laxmeshwar, Hamish Spark, M?rton Kopp?ny, Alicia Cole,
Cara Murray, bruno neiva, Jack Kelly, Mark Cunningham, Massimo Stirneri,
Matt Dennison, Olchar E. Lindsann, Karen Greenbaum-Maya, Darren Marsh, Nika
& Jim McKinniss, Natsuko Hirata, Tony Beyer, Edward Kulemin, John Pursch,
Irene Koronas, Darren C. Demaree, nick-e melville, Josette Torres, Shloka
Shankar, Piotr Kalisz,  Ella Skilbeck-Porter, Bob Heman, Garima Behal, Paul
T. Lambert, J. D. Nelson, Michael Brandonisio, Eddie Donoghue, Katrinka
Moore, Indigo Perry, & Marilyn Stablein.  


Also, the print parts of Issue forty-two are now available from The Otoliths
Storefront. I apologize for the price of Part 2, but, unfortunately, 288
pages of full color doesn't come cheap. Issue forty-three will be available
by the middle of November.


& finally, a plug for the new book by Alberto Vitacchio, Landlessness, in
which the Pequod becomes a vessel engaged not only in a search for Moby-Dick
but also in an exploration of American literature. Extracts have appeared in
a couple of issues of Otoliths, & the entire is now available through

Semiotic Splatter vii, the abjection of the 'and so forth'

If you can't up or down try moving from side to side.
(Chinese 'fortune cookie' fortune)

the digital qua digital is immune to semiotic splatter - on the
digital level barely perceived - given a smoothing function,
splatter appears as ruptures - digital noise around the edges -
difference between the sound of waves and their digital collapse
- among the waves - within them - no collapse at all - but then
- up and down - UD and -< and >- - you can see where this is
going - quark encodings - granularity - poesis of matter - the
world's grit - the whiteness of the whale shifted to amplitude
levels - the corporate appears -

or would you rather have the dual suns of verti - the single sun
and semiotic attachments of hori - -

you get the story - meanderings and contractuality at every turn
of the gamespace - the real - hegel's porosity - porosity - the
composition of the world = and so forth -

and so forth
and so forth
and so forth

the body of Hillary Clinton - and so forth
detritus - and so forth - collusion - and so forth -
monarchic entrapments - and so forth -
the violence of the monarchic - and so forth -
v: i approve violence - which is not violence -
v: i approve rape - which is not rape -
v: look at the glowing image - look at me -
v: i alone can save you -
digital v and the abject composition of the world -

abject porosity - abject composition -
the abjection of the 'and so forth' -
the attack - unamenable catastrophic transformation -
unamenable 'and so forth' -


full series at

Semiotic Splatter viii, attacks on HRC


Medford Counted Not Medford Police Get Medford Patrolmen's
Counted Medford Association Medford Medford Association Police
Police President Patrolmen's Police Harold Association
Patrolmen's Harold Harold Patrolmen's Harold MacGilvray
Association MacGilvray (right) President MacGilvray said Harold
MacGilvray he MacGilvray MacGilvray used said (right) used he
(right) poor used said poor poor he poor when used poor he poor
judgement he judgement judgement posed when judgement for he
when for for when for this he this picture posed this pretending
for this to this this arrest pretending picture arrest to
picture the arrest pretending the the to the nominee to the
Hillary the Democratic Hillary Democratic Democratic Clinton.
nominee Democratic GOP Hillary nominee GOP GOP nominee hatred
hatred Hillary hatred of Clinton. hatred Clinton GOP hatred will
hatred hatred poison of of poison will of our poison Clinton our
our will our for will our years poison politics years politics
politics to for politics come years for come come

v: hoping to to hoping insults, to to hoping attacks, to to
insults, to overtake insults, overtake Clinton hoping overtake

GOP Jokes Post GOP About Senator GOP Shooting Jokes
Senator Shooting About Senator Hillary Hillary Jokes Hillary
Clinton About Hillary Sen. Shooting Hillary Burr Hillary Clinton
apologizes Clinton Clinton apologizes Sen. Clinton for
apologizes Sen. for for Burr suggesting suggesting Burr
suggesting Clinton apologizes suggesting should for suggesting
have Clinton suggesting a should Clinton a have Clinton
'bull's-eye' 'bull's-eye' should 'bull's-eye' on have
'bull's-eye' her a on In 'bull's-eye' on private, on on private,
her on Burr private, her Burr Burr In quips quips In quips about
private, quips gun Burr quips owners about about shooting gun
about Clinton owners about Clinton shooting gun Clinton How
owners Clinton Men shooting How Behaving Clinton How Badly How
How Badly Men How Have Badly Men Have Have Behaving Held Held
Behaving Held Hillary Badly Held Clinton Have Held Back Held
Hillary Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton's Back Hillary Clinton's
Hillary Clinton

Called Hillary Service Called Clinton's Agents Called Airplane
Called Called Airplane Hillary Hillary 'Broomstick Clinton's
Hillary One'? 'Broomstick Clinton's One'? One'? Clinton's One'?
Can Airplane One'? Hillary 'Broomstick One'? Clinton One'?

if 'constitutional Hillary Hillary 'constitutional Hillary
Clinton crisis' Clinton wins if Clinton Hillary Clinton Clinton
Clinton wins wins


Jises to J
stice Dept. promises to move qove quickly in renewed probe of
estice Dept. promises to move q
ickly in renewed probe of Clinton email
ickly in renewed probe of Clinton email

Politics|Writing in YoPolitics|Writing in Yo
r Vote for President? It Might Not Get Cor Vote for President?
Might Not Get Co

sed poor jdgement when he posed for this pict
dgement when he posed for this pictre pretending to

re pretending to
said he
emails weeks ago Trails weeks ago Truemails weeks ago Tr
mp warns Clinton election wop warns Clinton election would
'crisis' amp warns Clinton election wo
ld trigger 'crisis' amid
ld trigger 'crisis' amid

lts, hoping to overtake Clinton Trmp sees 'constit
mp sees 'constittional crisis' if

tional crisis' if
Clinton elected HClinton elected H
ffington Post GOP Senator Jokes Aboffington Post GOP Senator
Jokes Abo
t Shooting Hillary
t Shooting Hillary

rr apologizes for sggesting Clinton sho
ggesting Clinton shold have a

ld have a
Clinton Sen. B
ips abo'b
t gll's-eye' on her In private, B
n owners shooting
rr q
s' than Donald Trp Donald Trump

mp Donald Trp
Hillary Clinton is 'm
ch more dangero


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