The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 3, 2016


o object of desire
o objects of the five senses
   going according to the desire
   going at will, freely, where one lusts
   and the desire for lusts
o world, region, sphere of desire
o desire-giving
o sinful thinking or lusts
   dwelling in the realm of desire
o a loving man
my body shall by no means move from here
   for the welfare of a great crowd of people
in the body of the king's sons
   and remoter descendants there were many thousands of kings
o collection of perfume
the whole mass of conditions of existence
o disappointing is the whole mass of conditions of existence
o because their body contains knowledge of the whole mass
   of states of
   existence they are called forest and trees, they are
   called trees and forest
with the mass of material conditions
with collections of names, letters, sounds, or syllables
o phrases, expressions, o sentences
o bowl of begging amenable, woman or man

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