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November 6, 2016

Fucking Bad Mashup of my Work

If I'm not part of the solution I'm part of the problem.

Cross your Eyes and dot your T's.

My name is Alan Sondheim and I approve this message. have been
working with computers for decades, specifically virtual worlds
motion capture the past fifteen or so. developed notion of
'codework' to indicate works in which code presenced on surface,
but problematic - meaning uneasily inhabits distinctions among
'worlds work' program-spaces. Of course themselves are entangled
many other things, such as body, abjection, 'dirt' mix. In
capture, I've worked altered software mapping, producing
distorted avatars avatar behaviors. worlds, concepts gamespace,
edgespace, blankspace; here some very rough definitions examples
Gamespace rule-governed space any game where 'game' defined
anything from TAZ Arctic exploration chess; one plays within
rules. The rules can be fuzzy, invisible, even non-existent.
Edgespace my term what occurs at boundaries/borders gamespace
assumed behaviors fall apart, still functions a broken totality,
although 'untoward' contrary occur. includes soft hacks,
griefing, permeating in-game barriers, so forth. Blankspace it
gets interesting projections introjections (psychoanalytical
terms) happens edgespace. realm dreams, fantasms, appearances,
ideologies, suturings, An example above attempting clean proper
mapping world, Mercator projections, GPS, etc. 'logic' map.
'reading' Antarctic regions world all way through, say, 1880;
these were presented worldmaps blanks, often contradictory
delineations landmass/watermass (i.e. if you follow shoreline,
example, land, might transform into shoreline sea) there
'logical' 'fills' edgespace get quaint 'Heere bee dragonnes'
placed edgespaces think Mandeville's Travels. Much recent work
deals blankspace: occurred; it's few years old, hopefully clear
example. All terms, regions, each other; no boundaries, absolute
delineations. More recently, semiotic splatter fragmented
chaotic semiosis, both control dissolution. use that semiosis
never totalized, falls coagulates clumps; relates defuge,
incessant presencing material appears more stale derogated.
Semiotic related strange attractors chaos theory leads (semiotic
generation) coagulative hardening rise totalitarianism out
(political, economic) chaos. This connects idea/l an dictionary
definition tautology: 'syzygy = syzygy' _effect_ goes beyond
(saying election 'rigged' over again rubs off, derogates,
projected abject me mythical deathdrive; patience, watch
4-minute Finally, practice write/produce daily level; doing
pieces (text/music/image/video) since 1994, continuous
meditation first, 'cyberspace,' now extended elsewhere.

End of Fucking Bad Mashup of my Work

Bad Music Because Of Donald Trump In My Head

of the gamespace - the real - hegel's porosity - porosity
- the composition of the world = and so forth -
and so forth
the body of Hillary Clinton - and so forth
detritus - and so forth - collusion - and so forth -
monarchic entrapments - and so forth -
the violence of the monarchic - and so forth -
v: i approve violence - which is not violence -
v: i approve rape - which is not rape -
v: look at the glowing image - look at me -
v: i alone can save you -
digital v and the abject composition of the world -
abject porosity - abject composition -
the abjection of the 'and so forth' -
the attack - unamenable catastrophic transformation -
unamenable 'and so forth' -

Jises to J stice Dept. promises to move qove quickly in
renewed probe of Clinton estice Dept. promises to move q ickly
in renewed probe of Clinton email ail Politics|Writing in
YoPolitics|Writing in Yo r Vote for President? It Might Not Get
Cor Vote for President? It Might Not Get Co nted sed poor
jdgement when he posed for this pict dgement when he posed for
this pictre pretending to re pretending to said he emails weeks
ago Trails weeks ago Truemails weeks ago Tr mp warns Clinton
election wop warns Clinton election would trigger 'crisis' amp
warns Clinton election wo ld trigger 'crisis' amid id lts,
hoping to overtake Clinton Trmp sees 'constit mp sees
'constittional crisis' if tional crisis' if ins Clinton elected
HClinton elected H ffington Post GOP Senator Jokes Aboffington
Post GOP Senator Jokes Abo t Shooting Hillary rr apologizes for
sggesting Clinton sho ggesting Clinton shold have a ld have a
Clinton Sen. B ips abo'b t gll's-eye' on her In private, B n
owners shooting rr q s' than Donald Trp Donald Trump mp Donald
Trp Hillary Clinton is 'm mp ch more dangero Black Church Burned
in Mississippi, With 'Vote Trump' Scrawled on Side

it's repetition - death driving - death driven - the sludge, the
exhaustion of the signifier - its transformation - tattering -
tottering of the signifier - not dialect but destroyed - from a
dominant - chomsky's language is a dialect with an army - with
protection from first responders - with guns protecting the rest
of us from guns - the strait and narrow - seven missives seven
missiles - deconstruction transformed into destruction - theory
the tool of the state - in the service of the state - v: i am
the coolest - v: i am the coolest of the cool - v: yes i can -
v: yes i can -
v: I do believe it is wrong to burn a Black church. -
v: i am your very best friend. -
v: you have your very best friend in me. -
v: i am closest to you. -
v: I am your Black church - I am your Latino - I am your Jew - I
am your Mexican - You may touch me - You may soil your hands -
You may wipe your hands all over me - You may wipe your hands
all over me - all over me -
v: all over me

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