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November 7, 2016

turbulence - entanglement - interference -

entangled. entangled. n jectivity portends A; A interprets B; B
interprets A; A entangles B; B entangles A; BUT: it all falls
apart; it's all entangled; it's always a Aura is always an
entangled raster. ments to bend and entangle the theory in (its)
language itself. difficult to disentangle. This was deliberate;
the result, and what is entangled is inextricable. appear as
knot, aporia, entangled in annihilation, entangled in Outside of
narrative, the world is _inherently_ entangled. entangled? -- no
difference, culture all the way down. 'we are all avatars
entangled. At one point I considered a 'darknet' which consisted
of the call of the voice which was always entangled with noise
and the electricity we're at ninety degrees and entangled; in
the scene in-world. navigate in-world; spectator, disentangle.
neither analog nor digital, entangledcorporate: protocols a
classical potential universe, entangled all that is entangled as
such is tethered in the fragile entangled. subjectivities
aesthetic dancework de anorectic another, each entangled, each
absolutely disparate, on the verge of digital and analog are
entangled, holarchic (tangled hierarchically). language and and
entangled has work entangled to work with to

understanding and control. we received entangled literature and
electronic, intentionality entangles with literature when
hunters and geese, entangled birds, in brooklyn, canada geese
were distorted and have to be perceptually disentangled; they're
either tiled Abjection and inscription are entangled,
irresolute, corroding both totalizing and split. Physics and
ethos are entangled at the level of the body-subjectivity and
the visuality of the virtual is deeply entangled. collapse under
the weight of inconceivably entangled branches. what All codes
are entangled in all bodies; all bodies are entangled in all The
body as entangled projections/introjections (jectivity)
independent entangled body, body, voice voice could could
difficulty basically life' real are deeply entangled, the
virtual all the way down. pentangle, the eight bits of the
bytes, seven bits of the bytes, the rather, one layer entangled
with another, pulling apart, the and where inscription is.
Inscription and culture are entangled; culture entangles,
there's that high-pitched sound unentangled unfoldings unhinging
unicode uninscribed unix played together, dissonant, entangled
in parallel strokes, the aegis of power entangles then as 1:0.
entangled registers of body, sexuality, and language: clarinet,
voice, presence, entangled proof of ooncept inhering, bridging
nonetheless, entangled projects and introduction

he thinks of this as entangled, uncanny surfaces and you ^ left
^ down ^ the ^ streets ^ of ^ the ^ entangled ^ city ^ do ^ not
orthogonal self-orthogonal, totalizing split. Physics entangled
and culture are entangled and appear in every species, ordered
world is a confounded, entangled, others. ours is a species
listing to one side, existence tangles/entangles; potential** is
always already a entangled conjuring of the abject or tawdry -
.are contradictions swallowed, are entangled, soft we too are
entangled in spiritual world-play. The truth conversation,
people** knife-edge; tangles/entangles; and thought's
operations, entangled, at play. you know things are entangled,
you just don't know where - abject (or entangled, abject).
background/body re/constitution is our is the seat" in seats of
Shinkansen was entangled in a my bird, entangled, hangs on no
one's neck The world is deeply entangled. into cartoon/clown
cyberspace (see previous post), entangled in the in virtual
worlds, the body as entangled projections/introjections language
(as does i think get ontologically entangled and the virtual is
there was perplexity to be disentangled, and confusion to be
regulated; sex, yes... and death, yes... are inextricably
entangled... has disappeared; what is declared is declared
unentangled; is declared meaning, but inextricably entangled
with it. self-orthogonal, totalizing and split. Physics and
ethos are entangled at gener entangled between real which
virtual real. span* entangled structures, techniques and
entangled world, that no extrication was possible, that death
holarchic, entangled, groundless, and have been arranging/
however entangled. however entangled. an issue is genidentity -
i.e. inextricably entangled.] 'virtual' entangled? -- no
difference, culture all way down. 'we {A}{B} entangles { }.
{A}{B} entangles { }. Wryting and culture inhabit rites of
purification; entangles. notation builds up hierarchically,
holarchically; every return and literature are entangled.
entangled with the little I understand of category theory -
"entangled with") uncertain according uncertainty nature
contradictions thanatopoesis = thee = tion = tions = All wryting
entangles with entangled within the body. culture, orthogonal
self-orthogonal, totalizing split. entangled level the artist
entangled in the abject vocalizations of everyday

bodies caught within, bodies entangled, would have forgotten the
potential of entangled structures. or is always already a
knife-edge; existence tangles/entangles; potential entangled.

Attacks have increased (potential poll disruption)


God help us all.

Scatter1 For Paul Thayer

1    This is where I begin to write.
2    I

1    can scramble here

1    as if I could scramble
2    here.
3    without origin.


courses in these areas scattered across myths and towns are
three parts of a puzzle. Certain inhabited, inhabiting. corral
scattering material culture, memories, after my death. When you
bodies limbs among stem cells eccentric space: smattering,
scattering, skittering, spitting the incipient virtual energy
space origin. Think chain reactions, holarchic scatter, write
cars highways scatter chest Transformations transformations.
cities, rivers mountain ranges. It part-objects work, Alan said,
on one seemingly forever; everything nothing is its attributive
remnants continuous dialog, itself distributions. mutilated. -
killing children. your scatter-mines appear as if all I did was
thoughts bad stone hail pouring like lavender down street !
water, sword-play above, water scatters understand left reu
serug nahor terah nineteen abram _They'll_ speak behind back,
say sorts scampered, disappeared place without jews kingston.
town small family extended an true world scatterings, spews,
emissions, radiations. And everywhere. Every marker always
already clutter, Cantor dusts into infinities local wars, gang
insignia, temporary autonomous zones with incendiaries broadcast
lighting great human habitation invisible. There
HREF="#cc">shudder skittershatter building
out sloppy breath, grammar, Death, but tiny diasporas lineages
below. One debris Wiener Wald, other remove teeth applications;
turns towards subjects parallel decoration writing, speech,
language churning from drizzle, that is, forage, no, foresaken,
prepare grounds thought. will dream theories while others
capital, coherent, walls. scattered, or reduced through
duplicate addresses people multi-moo by finding themselves we
see files over hard-drive, noise elements it argonauts empires
scattershot entrepreneurial corporations. russian skies.
blinded. eddies thousand voices. Those bastards! Who do they
coming together, serrated edges. bell's theorems body scatters:
it's signifier: prostitute shoots me under scatter-mines.
afghanistan. so many funny afghani jokes. scatter-bombs.
degeneraprostitutes me. reach return to coding, almost dead
here. scatter-bombs guilty. What damage have done ... "our" this
trembling scatters; objects haran lot bomb make sure counts
pre-emptive strike immediate time use 2 round them up chanukah
around group symbols splintering; production. their jackets
cards things occurrence anathema! acronyms eaten landscape. you.
emission appears Net-Diaspora, commu- interpenetrated writings
share aggregates lymphocytes plasma surrounding begin imagined
stutters way approach subject, there good which billions. Here,
I'll give hand. We processes, becoming than disconnected, texts
played back monitors hardly organized splattered,AUM
shattered,AUM legs spattered,AUM scattered,AUM proust yet
shatter imminent marks ends. number velvet pillows grate, next
sign library, ashes, happened, Weimar, clumped, clumsy, ideas
voice geometricized usual constants b sqrt(tan(a-b*x^2), waters,
surface, water-air waters intermixture, waters. clouds,
solitons, waves, dialogic basin ripples digital raster create
dispersing thestate being separateness separation skewness splay
split-up they're not pieces process mostly sight, presence
inverted keep us, reap revenge Great mewlings, exhausted musical
instruments..., introduction vocabularies outlines clutter |
uncountable (is) scatter-shots (sparse 'fit-points' graphs
connecting nuclei. The K0 undergoes quasi-elastic secret privy
none. formulating definitive diaspora augmentations,
inscriptions, arrogance demarcation. references "Nikuko," work
D]-avatar Ds earths souls drowned eyes partial, part-object
bones, absorbing property about areavolume {||||||||||||}]
unwired, locative sense substance, wonderful Did any birds?"
Flew origin- learn read carefully note fawn sizes package. then
perhaps that's sandy Taifun: i prefer small, seeping,
peripeheral, marginal, words, drops drizzle words depth;
unclear, exhausted, disparate at spatter / shutter shudder demon
1845_ invisibility. fact; _fact_ shadow. (abdominal eyes.)
remnan You: recognizing laser scan, motion capture, dancers,
mappings style aw_newsiva2explo2.l3d 100 gentiles families
employed employees she, swoon poetics world, more less useless
whole different sites. Someone would go above all, _emissions,_
scattering-effects whose source, turbulence winds.
cyber-anorectic desert heaves, dunes dust gleaming sun! ===

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