The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

November 13, 2016

forms of supple particles, balafon

Last night John Emigh passed a small 12-key balafon to me.
I play primarily with my fingernails (balafon); there is
also a mallet experiment (balafon2). Processing on balafon
involves revrev, and on balafon2, revrev, inverse dynamics,
and reverse tunneling. It's more a curiosity. balafon.mp3
is exciting -

as with all of this work, earphones are useful; the sound
goes into extreme bass -

ideally one should reverse time - inhale the syncopation -
invert the body - holes, membranes - a glance - stroke-
dance -

( sound swallows itself here - time reasserts - death is
always and fundamentally at the end, asymptotic - )

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