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November 15, 2016

Azure and I will be traveling to Atlanta starting Friday; we'll be there 
from this coming Monday until December 10th. We're thinking of moving 
there. If you're in Atlanta and want to see us, please do get in touch and 

Best, hopefully, Alan

long-necked saz pure and muffled in america long-necked saz pure and muffled in america

such a beautiful instrument, such resonance! i felt i was barely
hanging on to the music which sounded through me - i didn't know
how or where i was - there were soundings - there was sound - it
continued - so many scales - resting tones - so much control - -
movement of the arms - hands - fingers - the music curled around
me - curled through me -

then - post production - inverted dynamics - muffling the beauty
- it tries to escape - seep out - it upwells - it's lost - it's
still there - attempts to rise - you can hear the dark breathing
of the world under pressure - the body's pounding - inescapable
- all of this - the wood in agony - torn dynamics - anthems -
more anthems -

"there's still plenty of time for the u.s." - trailing 1-0 costa
rica - already lost to mexico 2-1 -

thanks to Luke Damrosch for recording, thanks to Azure Carter
for the photograph - (earlier image)

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