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November 16, 2016


"sharps, flats, or naturals, occurring not at the commencement
of a piece of music as the signature, but before a particular

forlorn silent video, silent no longer, originally titled
'alienware' needing resuscitation, revival, recuperation, some
foreign land eh this, some accidentals, accompaniment, eh, some
confusion here, fantastic and that one could taste it - that
expression, points to something that is not just 'accidentally'
outside and accidental tourist.:x''':x'' and accidental
tourist.:x''':x'' and ** news: it was so clear the downing was
accidental, the broadcast

voices of _telling_ display, perhaps by accidental seen in
relation to structure - therefore structure itself participates
in the accidental; we are thrown accidentally. but the case is
the case, she said, there's nothing random about it, it doesn't
lie within the world, it doesn't make the world anything, hardly
an accident, it doesn't make the world anything at all.

the accident and accidental tourist.:x''':x'' -

she asks no one, then a reply on coming to the buildings coming
down, and she let me go on - well, i'm residue - the fossil
already participates in global economies of 'ww' ready for
erasure -

and if i'm processing, suspect to surrender before setting the
cabin on fire, where he was, drowning the cabin where she was,
dismantling the cabin where they were, then yes - "accidental"
because that's not what "pyrotechnic" devices do, now -
everything - suffering, death, accidental determinate-stochastic
residue - the fossil already participates in global economies of
news - it was so clear the drowning was accidental, the
broadcasts fragile

and accidental tourist.:x''':x'' - Almost -

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