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November 21, 2016

& to that end

of the phrase

& because of the ending of the phrase & playing while a bit sick
here in atlanta & it being a very cold flute & more excuses &
that phrase sticking & so here it is & different & just as my
music is different & i am different & even this flute is
different & so forth & so on & to that end this end *

& I will not be present for that end or the pretense of purity
which that endorses our separateness & form, dividing our
exterior from that endocrine communication & of the form of
a transitive operator & that operator is &

that & my little secret & to that end &&

& all letters sing "place your sword by my side and i will sing
to you!" & for speech will & & piepie piece-ce- ce-inging ing
musmus music & * -y -v U 0 * swollen engorged Y exists there ==>
aa & 3rd." The meetings are surrounded by fast food, telephony,
quick moves & BIND the name to the number & BIND & I cry lalala
into the wilderness! I lie in the wilderness! I & It murmurs in
the tongue, and not upon & a shrieking angel will be reassigned,
& all 29-Jan-2007 16:03:25 GMT & as in a wake for dearest
friends, in this deep and mournful - & begin & continue &
welcome & welcome into & begin by eating not and drinking not &
bereft, in the silence coming here among us, & boni bone, bona,
bani, bond, bong, bony, Noni, Toni, Loni, Bonita, & booni boon,
boons, boon i, Boonie, Boony, Boone, booking, bonbon, & buni
bun, buns, bani, bunt, bung, bunk, Zuni, bun i, Bunin, Bunni, &
bunni Bunni, bunny, Sunni & bunnni Bunnie, Bunni, bunny, Bunny,
Burne, burnt & burrowing among & coming down with mountains
scraping my skin & hanging rocks falling, & continue by sleeping
not and speaking not & descent of time & noise within decoupling
systems & chemotherapy & every other world, & his name REBOUND &
everything & flower enumerations & for the glass door covers
with blood your reflection. & that the & good night, good night
& & heeah heehaw, Heep, heeded, heel, healthy, hereby & here we
meditate upon the worlds beyond: "he who meditates on & his
number reassigned & his sodden wings will not fly again & i am
frightened. & i am my microscope and sing hello duet & and make
something that others & i sing for them i shake and moan &
absorbed intelligent people, keeping & i wanted to see how long
i could drive like that & i will play back every reeling &
unreeling - & i'll sing this song so softly & i'd sing in
oklahoma i'd cry in oklahoma & i'm here," thinking of dead-
buffalo-daughter & if you don't "i-xxx who shall sing to you:" &
"i-xxx who shall & in the mercy of the world, against the laws
of the world; & into dependent arising and emptiness of bone &
into the lesser absence and the great absence & into the purity
of the space and the time & into the space of the bone & into
the time of the bone & kaos when holyday fury, our anger &
keeping a look out for signals during the night. & late at
night, late at night, & layered spaces, & spaces layered against
spaces, & layers imbricated & twisted, & layers in layers,
layers tilted, askew in relation to layers, & layers
interpenetrated, layers corroded, & lubi booni & lubi lube,
Rubi, lubber, Lubbock, Luci, lucid, lobe, Welbie & many other
places of Inde, are many cocodrilles, that is a maner of a &
mournful sprits *me me me & night the rain the search dead cell
phone & we're out of luck & no dates & no times at all, & spaces
& no spaces, & no matter the chiasmus, this skein or construe
holds taut & not-drinking & patches & morphine & shutting down &
knowing it's time to & now cannot wake & am tired of the world
of dreams:use of unitialized & now we are silent in the night,
existence is silent - & o words, are you?" o you'll remember
now, omething el ion you will know & o, thus suspended eye in
midst of net, closed and held by grace and & one where i played
differently, playing the space itself, & orgahzmhze myhzU C O
Leyr Behz Gable ynyU C O Le clue wahz laid in & ou o, u, sou,
our, out, you, Lou, on, nu, or, cu, om, mu, op, oh & ouuw
outwit, outlaw, ouch, ouzo, Reub, ciao & pebbles, boulders &
rivers soaking me, leaving their beds covered & pety pet, piety,
peaty, petty, pets, pity, pet y, Petty, Petey, Peta, & pink\
sunday parade noon far off\ ridge-pole, jay screaming window,
hare & pwetty petty, pretty, Petty, pettily, Hewett, Bettye,
pewit, upward & pwety piety, petty, Petty, pretty, peaty, pewit,
Peachtree & reporting back any keep a look during night & from
me & distance - it & sing about the glory of better daze : time
zone change: EST: 3 a.m. when & sing about the glory of better
daze, & & sing about the glory & some say to speak It after
death is the only speech & that of obvious consequence & that
there is no face & that there is no skin & that there would be
this stumbling around the lip, displacement across & the bomb's
over there in the midst of soldiers of great brass scales, of &
the catchy tune. a catchy tune makes you want to sing alone. it
is what & the glory of promise unfulfilled! & the main thing is
we begin with a white sink a whole new language & the timing of
the revolving & the two nervous hands of god & there are no
fuses in this beautiful kingdom, and no wires, & there are &
there i do bind this wayward drowning angel & there i do spoof
his useless address UNBOUND & they will worry down & down among
the fallen angels - & this has been foretold, such is the
destruction of worlds; & this is quick-qin, maybe early flow
music qin & through that hole they eate their meat with a pipe,
& they haue no & transform the number to the name & twoo two,
too, woo, twos, t woo, two o, Wood, twit, twin, twig, & twoo! &
u pety boni & uu u, usu, us, nu, cu, um, mu, up, uh, bu, Eu, Au,
Ru, Lu, Cu & we are fascists & go home & stand up against racist
misery & we'd meet yn tophat and tayls and monocle and cane 2
dyscuss th & we're barreling down the highway it's late at night
& we're bullet hurtling night we've got all day & welcome the
disappeared into the time & welcome the thinbarked body into the
space & would tell you, and the::and open it & thinking of flat
death following. & wovey bunnni & wovey wove, woven, covey, wove
y, wolves, Wolsey, wonky, women, Wave, & x) three: x = 0 z = z +
0.2 * m t = 1 If x > ScaleWidth Then x & you've lost your energy
& all your fluids leak & your dead eyes see & your dead eyes SEE
NOTHING & your dead ears are dead ears & your dead lips taste
nothing & your dead fingers touch PURE FORM

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