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November 27, 2016

bloodriver amanuensis

the wound of 2 transliterated into the normative illumination of
3; the environment pales in comparison. it's all driven by the
apparatus of a stopped video load; the central timing wheel is
stilled as a result perhaps of a rupture somewhere along the
way. the bloodflow parts and churns and is buried in the inverse
rectitude of 3. the images resonate with the original bloodriver
video as well as its cover image, bloodriver.jpg. bloodriver is
also bloo-driver, the driven blue of the ocean churned to death.
death inverts. the illumination of death inverts death. this is
progressive reportage which is never fulfilled, always
incomplete; we like to believe the text is just around the
corner, but nothing ever returns, or returns in the same form.
we give credence to blood as sign, but it is never sign, always
empty; we inflate emptiness to the level of the sign. we call
this transmission or a text. the text dissolves in the blood,
the blood dissolves, the world dries, cauterizes. we will not be
around for a final reading, nor any such asymptotic. dissolution
of the blood empties. the planet empties. the timing wheel means
nothing. it is a panic symptom, panic syndrome. the only thing
that returns, turns, is the image. someone asked me about my
books today, whether there are any new ones. there aren't any.
do not salvage these texts; the inevitable, as one is wont to
say, is inevitable. they have always already disappeared.
nothing writes them. the blood is mine. the blood is mined, no

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