The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

more from stone mountain

undoes trump.

billed as the largest rock this

it's not easy. nothing disappears. the granite cicatrix
remains. granite sits on granite. granite pressed in
granite; granite presses. on the surface: shapes.
plato-cave inversion.

robert lee. jefferson davis. stonewall jackson.
stone mountain home of kkk. do not blame the mountain;
not granite; blame them. here I make this disappear.

billed it does not. it remains. it presses granite.

but then this: jump. something else. so many people
on and off the mountain. so many nations. so much has
been done; here. nothing done trump's undoing.

trump's undoing: so much beauty here still. he will
undo it. he is _violation fabric._

he _undoes._

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