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December 1, 2016

the analog synthesizer real

recorded at neil fried's studio, atlanta, with neil on vintage
arp analog synthesizer neil fried and a.s. azure's borrowers song flute, shakuhachi ukulele flute, viola, arp solo azure carter neil fried and azure carter out the window

we used voltage-controlled filter modules for the most part

from T.W. Rhys David's Dialogues of the Buddha, Kevaddha Sutta;
Kevaddha asks: "Where, my friends, to the four great elements --
earth, water, fire, and wind -- cease, leaving no trace behind?"

one asks of ceasing and ceaselessness, of the inexhaustible; one
asks this of grit, of the obdurate grain of the real. analog
filters air airs, breathe in quality of sound and silence --
rubble _murmurs_ rubble and ceaseless sound -- we repurpose,
repropose, on the fly -- during the very imminence of the sound
-- during its placement -- rubble _machines_ -- as if there were
creation and wind -- as if there were earth (there was) -- as if
there were fire (there was) -- as if there were water (yes,
there was, and high winds and storms and fury) -- beckonings --
the analog's repeated attempt to assert itself as _production_
-- as _machine_ -- repetition, logical construct, catastrophe,
re/production, annihilation --

"'The intellect of Arahatship, the invisible, the endless,
accessible from every side --
'There is it that earth, water, fire, and wind,
And long and short, and fine and coarse,
Pure and impure, no footing find.
There is it that both name and form
Die out, leaving no trace behind.
When intellection ceases they all also cease.'"

v: when intellection seizes, they all also seize.
i: in this instance nothing. longer, indefinite.
i: in this, every move equal to every other. to each,
the move. to the move, ceasing. to cease, to listen.
v: i will not listen. i tweet I.
i. i will listen. i listen.


Thanks to Neil Fried, Azure Carter for this amazing session.

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