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December 4, 2016

cdrom (con)texts(sub)texts 1994-2000

Produced by Neil Fried. The disk is faulty; I was able to
transfer a number of pieces, some of which are in the directory.
there's a sense of despair, hunger, sexuality, death, about the
images; I'm not including any of the more erotic ones. There are
five audio pieces as well, some of which are oddly truncated.
These works were early digital ones; they possess an interiority
of disturbance I still relate to.

Thanks to Neil, who found the disk for me.


From the Neil Fried / Azure Carter/ myself recording session
- reworking the initial files, combining, applying inverse
dynamics, cutting, reversing, mixing, to what end? to the
eternal sloping of the cable car, what a dizzying production!
A post-operative production to be sure, one that violates the
intangible amanuensis of real time; perhaps the listener is
standing just there, behind my right shoulder (I am left-
handed) - the continuous application of shaping or molding
what came before (what had been into what might have or have
not been - who can reverse time?) - an operation of great
consequence in fact, a music of descent from top to bottom,
without descent of any sort! - perhaps beginning from the end
- perhaps ending where it began - so unclear - nuclear in
fact. Neil and Azure know, I am sure, I hear eternity
calling - I answer the call - I produce, I know, that it
is always post-operative, that the body began, primordial,
long before it ended.

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