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December 5, 2016

somewhere where i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i.i am

street) valeska gert, rachel felix valeska gert, substance,
there's _augmentology 1[l]0[l]1_, the future is happy - fiction
& poetry aarp new york, andrea kovacs, the onion, hunter s.
thompson, aarp, homeward bound wv, shara, eyebeam-live, unity,
dear apple, aerplaye dance, gl1tch.4rt, lab revista laboratorio,
2013 americans, launch la, upworthy, shoebox projects, magnum
araujo, phenomenal literature: a global journal devoted to
armour, the mv steve irwin, the gentle chef, edm south florida,
artist co-op, moving without a body, furtherfield, doc:lab, one,
artist donna kuhn, !d.a.! digital art, tales of the lobster boy,
as220 media arts, selfies and the new photography, zero at
chicago school of poetics, dennis hlynsky, machines with avatar
simulacrum, hitchbot, med in art, hunter s. thompson, avian
conservation center of appalachia, (red), gallery online,
barnes, department of biological flow, brown alumni magazine,
benson - bytetime media arts, myradar weather radar, fluff
bieniek, estey organ museum, the psychic readings co., trixxxie,
birringer, layeredimage :: dennis farber, 101.mediapoetry, imda
busting ( fb ) purity, arts indie, labspace, selavy oh, cat!,
nick land, , janine chasseguet-smirgel, louise lasser, charlotte
bronte the dance of mary wigman the letters of rachel charlotte
bronte the prose of mary wigman the prose of christina chercher
le texte, atom-r, brown alumni association, coppelia chicago
teachers union, kate pullinger, lpdt 3, wwf, last vispo,
christina mcphee, occupy ringling bros., the new aesthetic, coal
coalition, skyship films, underacademy college, non-stop nyan
compro productos probados en animales/i dont buy products tested
computing literature, east meets west dc, nepali calendar, the
contemporary, cie gumucio, artist, dusie press, johannes could
make me valeska gert from takeoff gert valeska takeoff country
tours, the creators project, national park foundation, credo
mobile, unnameable books, trace peterson design, rusty critique,
ray kurzweil, jack, arteidolia, erin brockovich, free critpaper,, kelk phillips, dr. wafa bourkhis, national delere
press, the international radio art research group, dellinger,
feldenkrais practitioner, m p landis, s.u.n.s.c.a.d, des
pilotes, pride and prejudice: hidden lusts, urbanomic, destiny
foundation, kalakotkas, spektakulativ pictures, national
dichtung digital, new languages, galerie eva vautier, isibongo, - new media art | philosophy | culture, dogma
press, redm,, symposium books, new york qin
downtown neighborhood association - dna, duration press, file
dying takeoff radio - from dying - valeska - gert from takeoff
electronic literature review, the relationship, sebastian
environment, photo antiquities museum of photographic history,
exhaustion, red head gallery, pathfinders, arid journal,
experimental music resource, ada books, symposium books, cellar
eyedrum art & music gallery, society for photographic education,
face and last lightning of valeska gert and a self-portrait by
felix the poems of christina rossetti the acting of valeska gert
ferriss artist, signal culture, rachel mason, atlanta filho,
anthology film archives, carrie gates, providence filmmakers
coop, ellipsis press, netfilmmakers, kathryn bigelow, flicking
of the dying - with dying takeoff radio - from dying - for the
study of the commons, west virginia university press,
foundation, mary flanagan, cat of the day, re/search geographic,
alliance for zero extinction,, gert populated
it the few remaining traces of gert dying - with gert the voice
of rachel felix the voice of sarah bernhardt the gert valeska
takeoff work gert from work crystal valeska work guitar,
urgeurge, is this jazz?, ellectra radikal, museo del j. r.
carpenter, performance writing, yoshikaze, jean-guillaume le
roux, open.calls.artvideokoeln, tracey m kelkulus, camille
martin, low lives, endangered species l'era digital, towards an
immersive intelligence, thing, landan, luke robert mason, city
of atianta, indigenous language & literature, john emigh, sierra
club, perforations 35: literatura electrnica, saic performance,
master literatura en literature, organism for poetic research,
the poetics list 2.0 machinima, art data money, the artist,
carmen and ginger, magnets, desta, bemis center for contemporary
arts, avelino de martin mull, catherine christer hennix, eoagh,
stop social metaverso, postmodern culture, free improvisation
and mfa at umbc, perforations anthology, ifac zen gallery, the
whale multisport, jillkroesen, noor - a brain opera, rain taxi,
needed at ny aquarium post-sandy, abstracts, geometric network
censorship, abc 33/40, salt, performance studies @ nyu, neural,, deathwaltz media group, ted, les jardins new
adventures in sound art, the society for a re-natural no bar
code press, 'technoetic telos: art, myth and media', object,
escape from rented island: the lost paradise of jack of
charlotte bronte (valeska gert, greta garbo in joyless of sarah
sarai,, the funnel experimental film on animals,
barack obama,, carrie ahern dance, ditions other side,
macaulay library, artist organized art, my dance the parks
conservation association, code157: bergen electronic peta2,
eyebeam, deborah henry, nameless flims, special america,
peterson, danse macabre, station hill press, evelin stermitz, fb
pinelandia gallery, ethnodiversity, fitness diet, pitt-johnstown
multimedia & digital culture department, poems of emily
dickinson the dance of anita berber the prose of press, tagvverk
journal, trace online writing centre, subito press, unnameable
books, ginosko literary journal, trace provincetown swim4life,
adobe creative cloud, aarp advocates, publications, national
poetry foundation, perforations 34: quantum biofeedback
documentary, dru barnes healing page, radio gert work plus work
work plus for valeska gert for mary railroad earthatl, tasmania,
dirk vekemans, blaan mabal tabih in rentz, alan sonfist, roy
cooper, tune collective, ela alpi, romanticism, and
watercolours, media archaeology lab, reversible rossetti the
prose of valeska gert the prose of sarah bernhardt sakineh
mohammadi ashtiani finalmente libera., mixed media sanctuary,
peta (people for the ethical treatment of animals), sea turtle
oversight protection, save the manatee club, farm skull, mars
gas studios, alternet, j d nelson, urgent funds smith, socit i
matriel, dusie press, caketrain journal and society, razorfish,
alaska highway news, dan r talley, seth stories bookstore,
u-rss, archival aesthetics: environment and substance, there's
flicking for valeska gert, valeska gert, the super-natsuki-
tamura, jodee jingles, camras animales, suzy thank you, valeska
you could dress me in a nice suit of clothes, the acting of
sarah bernhardt the acting of rachel felix the the jewish
museum, west virginia raptor rehabilitation center, the prose of
emily dickinson the prose of anita berber the poems the
traphaus, instants vido numriques et potiques, joo lopes theatre
this comes out clearly in valeska gert and a self-portrait by
toegristle studios, the uncommon vision of peter ciccariello,
transarts alliance, words on sounds, subterranean art dept.,, robert nelson, artist, international association
ucr artsblock, atheists and rational thinkers com - official,
undergroundbooks, friends of bn - barisan nasional, memetsefa
valeska - you could dress me in a nice suit of clothes, you
valeska gert, inscribed in her book mein weg a stage but valeska
valeska gert, inscribed in her book mein weg thank you, talan
vimeo, coleen fitzgibbon, dobbin project space, redneck party,
voice of emily dickinson the voice of anita berber the acting of
volumetric society, roles 4 women, busilis, stoney connors,
wigman the dance of julu twine valeska gert the dance of valeska
work gert from work crystal valeska work radio gert work plus
work work plus such figures as valeska gert and anita berber wu
wing yee art, temporary art review, minerva record, allison you
could make me valeska the thing about valeska gert, obdurate
zagros robotics, inc, ban phone app game *dog wars*, yo no ztrk,
art bar +projects, boat lutes of the philippines, the boat lutes
of philippines, boat lutes of philippines, the boat lutes of the


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