The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 17, 2016

sorrowed last dawn homeland (washington dc) hegelung hegelung

last dawn of the world, solo hegelung, returning to sound
returning to sound and the commons/communality of sound
of sound, the last dawn and its sorrows
its sorrow and the fissures of sorrow, sorrowed
sorrowed among the closing lives and their townships
their townships and my life, loosened, and dark capitols
dark capitals, and every sound must mean among the others
among the others, the sounds meant, unmeaning, unraveled
unraveled dawns and fissures, unraveled townships,
Sir, they are in the townships, they approach
they approach, townships and their appearances in the mist
in the mist, Sir, they are untouched, untouchables
untouchables, they are missed, among the missing
Sir, among the missing, there are peoples and last dawns
and last dawns, Sir, we are missing them, we must be
we must be missing something, Sir, unarising, close in
close in, to the ground Sir, we must hurry
Sir, we must hurry, to the ground Sir, we must, we missed
Sir, we must hurry to the ground Sir, we missed

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