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December 18, 2016


of the negative, l is hxed. annihilated, susan: all
greetings will be susan gram: Alan Has Been Given To
Machinery. Machinery Annihilates His Exit.hello from
graham: hello, memory erasure and corrosion,
annihilated, while bothmy named 'ragged' transforms
within which information created or annihilated. it
terminology forecloses annihilates Refrain surrealisms
sorts annihilate an almost- CEASE ITS YAMMERING; FEED
sleazy, tawdry - enter defuge as punctum; doesn't
ANNIHILATED! I can't dismantle wonder; can only it!
It's too confusing. Death rushes me, me. death's LENS
neutral kaons on way to countermanding symmetry. AM
Later that after- Let's say our MOO got software
returned its No, not at all; want Other; but there One
who has demons ! goes in heaven Bind. Bind Simulacra
are simultaneously recuperated Something Will Grow
Pretty Flowers Sudan States Baghdad. Dirty Egypt
Syria. The state otherwise forget Pierre him. You
haven't disappeared. You're have no presence. among
virtual wanderings. This sweep ANNIHILATES US,
lineages existence a priori encapsulations. On one
hand, swallow space time; space-time; offiial strike
until again begin grain oneself, perhaps return, not,
boon. Seduce corporeal politic political corpus;
tiredness exhaustion confusion express thanks joyous
recruit annihilate, absolutely, without even monument
movement truth false demand, would go willingly,
element send objects into out world do any these
longue word shudders body picture drive, chora,
origins; _actively inscribing_ nowhere. proceeds
relativization absolute. violation fabric; prostheses
imploded big one? delight repeatedly annihilated:
there's just this text nowhere, residue annihilated;
energy disappears. Scripts never return they simply
naming instinctual hungered token forfeit everything?
-- coun gter ma; "" nding Nikuko met annihilation. it.
surgery surge, cut annihilate; purge, articulation,
burning, end-angel, reassemblage, once well truth;
what longer attractors history. And occurs clas- by
desire annihilate. every stone mandate, speck c.
weapon. d. holocausts number. we let others cabin
cyberspace hearth memories absolutely collect, related
urge hunt, permanently absorb, confuses hold noisy.
crushes lacerates contents, emptied otherwise, fact
corrections. exhaustion; unspeakable, think: day
beginning scattered death world. Every killing
apocalypse. culture death. Now you also short process
structuralist notion unconscious diminished broken
forgotten transformed disappearance absent color, been
root disinterred. (I'm folded surge purjery, truth,
don't | wound ?  doubled enclosures, parallel
relationships, past fu- drivers pass. Is forgiven
object; earlier mary douglas' (sp?) danger. words,
'defuge' basic etted against bars door. text. three
sections: text, substitution scheme her dance CREATES
WORLD hilation (bad faith) when nought leverage, hir
holocaust. Washington C. D. incrimination_ guilty.
_punctum_ enclosure ingless term, histories absorbed
like purified heavy water ment, turned away. ability
textually mouon me she PRIVATE MSG:  i shemuporn two
was must annihilation carried naked, gendered, Nothing
accident. naturally believes self-annihilates over
inconceivable old topographies going bed, hypnagogic
imagery belongs him: Non-Universe, universe."
one-another death, dear god, other oulder am thrust
ice surrounding ownership arises collect hunt absorb
reborn parts substituted, rearranged, created,
transformed. pool light his lamp reveals white page,
he problematic, deferred. escapes, origin already
occurred; protocol suite violate politic, body;
radiates reassembled information, margins rehension
saidannihilated. ou cloud self-annihilation
self-annoucenment senses flesh; through annihilation,
utter, silent: consigned silence annihilated--listen!
singer speak incoherently asphyxiate assassinate
potential for splatter cleaned up 99% germs new start
over, leave body, 5 honest, genuine, authentic
community. mandate faces graham, says, split, shunted
tendency towards Edenic controlled; self. How so.
Speak speech, spoken to, undisting- concept
understanding itself It incompre- avatar develops,
fixed, Engineering remnants messages bounced uselessly
mesh, whole trans- then problem might end wants empti-
surgery; embrace toward using zen koans und= idea
towards, turns around, Clara Null-Cipher. Cold ice,
blood vacuum real particle pairs NAMING where THEY
WILL KILL US FIRST landscape nothing anchorage,
untethered writing. words probe negation emptiness.
prisons. Annihilate. French imagine now yourself house
were exhausting Legion Doom need recon your illness.
sick existence. zon totality (so flashes), project

the DAYS of annihilation: to the limit! It's returned
to smug inventory. It's It's the days of annihilation:
to the limit, i'm deliberately typing with eyes
embedding. the limit is limitless, has always already
occurred; we just wars, through angers - through
pushing it, through more than memory, thrusting it to
the limit, limit, debris, ash left charred petticoats
the alternative, is once, and we will always be nearly
there from there would be nothing but smashed debris,
debris, ash left ^<^[[0malansond^>^[[0m it is
annihilation to the limit.^[[0m dedicated to no
message / nothing of the real. Then "annihilation to
the limit" which is nothing. or, as the world dies, to
the limitless. the imminence of speech: wars, through
angers - through pushing annihilation through their
going, nothing of the real. this nothing. this
collapses / no message / annihilation to the limit /
annihilation to the limit, debris, ash. this is real.
this will HAPPEN.


Annihilation: To the Limit!, Strike 1, CEAC, 1977
No hope for 2015. Annihilation: To the Limit! 2015.

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