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Room Tone

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what to say. having read Kristeva's and Soller's Marriage as a
Fine Art, a book which haunts me endlessly; then thinking about
Ettinger's matrixial borderspace (thanks to Monika Weiss); and
my own ruminations on the chora in things like Disorders of the
Real (by any other name); and it being silent here in Rhode
Island; everyone leaving; I recorded fourteen examples or so of
the roomtone of the building on the fourth floor where we live
(targets for snipers from the National Security Agency across
the street, maybe 17 meters away); and where we record; (and I
have been remiss at practice; with despair); then to _listen_ to
the blank and unproduced space from that variety of locations;
the matrix of technology and architecture; matrix of homespace
and silence; and the _writing_ of the homespace; as in 'home for
the holidays'; instead of a functional _marooning_; so that an
other musicality; musicality of the other; emerges; conveyed as
well in blood-red visuality; the quietude of the fair absence of
voices; the _engines_ of the building; this short piece of eight
holy days of chanukahs; and the rest of it

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