The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

December 27, 2016

rasa, taksim, among
  - long-necked saz improvisation, dhrupad influence

(i played this, quiet satisfaction, i love this!)

finding a way through the depressive social-political murk of
the past several months, building on three notes, moving across
octaves, slowly speeding up, defeating speed, this music is
'where i am,' no cure but continuance, my mind still works, my
arms still work, my wrists still work, my hands, my fingers, my
mind still works and with this difficult instrument (8-strings,
recalibrated by Amir Vahab), you can hear the rain, i am still
alive; you can't take that away!

for Amir Vahab, Azure Carter, ourselves

and if i can play this, play like this, why cannot i govern a
country, peacefully and fairly? and which is harder?

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