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panic else

among them
they were coming along among them
there was someone among them
among them was another
could we live among them
could we be someone else among them

someone else
someone else showed up among them
they were watched by someone else
someone else was watching them

watching them
watching them was a pleasant duty
it was a clear and necessary duty

necessary duty
necessary duty was a scheduling
scheduling among them was a duty
among them them was a duty
a duty that was always scheduled
an unscheduled life is a lived life
our one lived life is a life to live

life to live
we have more than one life to live
one life to live among them is a duty
one life to live elsewhere is pleasant
we have times to pleasantly obey

obey ourselves among them
watching them we obey ourselves
someone else is watching us
someone else is obeying us
we are obeying someone else
someone else is obeying someone else

oh how fearful are our lives,
when watching lives then living thrives,
when living thrives their lives are good,
living in our neighborhood

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