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LIMIT! (last sample for upcoming Public Eyesore cd!) (revrev clarinet)
(revrev - real time reverse reverberation)

thanks again to Luke Damrosch, Azure Carter

additional notes

music swallowing itself
== temporally / dynamically
determined w/ unexpected buffering
broad calculable frequency range
-- live performance, playing into the past and future -

Inverse dynamics: _fundamentally_ dependent on quality - human
decision making - the waveform treated as a material substance,
broken into independent parcels? (Think of this as a literal
granularity of the real, via several levels of abstraction: the
recording of the waveform in its initial configuration; its
banding; the alterations of the bandings; the reassembling of
the bands.)

The fragility and dirtiness of the waveform (taken as an
entirety): no 'clean and proper body,' but a body dissasembled,
a surgical body, a body of potential _incisions._)

The 'human project/ion' - simultaneous playing into past and
future: with revrev always a capitulation (double meaning of
word?) - temporal 'smearing' on the part of the player (as if
playing a song for example, but in this case the song resonates,
comes back as a haunting) -- Kristeva, p. 44: In this sense
_there exists only one signification,_ that of the thetic phrase
which contains the object as well as the proposition and the
complicity between then." In _this_ case, the complicity is also
a temporal unfolding/smearing, the memory of _what has not yet

There is also a memory of the program itself and its attributes,
an underlying structure that is always already a _process_ -
here is another accountable inherence of the world. One plays
within and without the program: one plays the world, within the
fragile boundaries of a temporary domain that is always
(vis-a-vis the program) bootstrapped.

  livE revreV timE llowS

  evelyn norman weiss talk backs prayer cry aid journey verver!
  of a recording (similar to verver), the presence of an 'as-if'
  gamespace, verver, limits of temporality, etc.) formation
  at times.) (Thanks to Luke Damrosch for verver programming.)
  SPIRITVOICE at Granoff Tonight (Preformer) verver directly
  verver programs); inverted dynamics (post-playing, verver
  verver, and on balafon2, verver, inverse dynamics, real-time
  on verver, pitch shift, power grid, calculus, involves
  from two violin overlayed tracks, one with verver, dependent
  no-string jiari swallows arising dependent verver, audio
  tnerapsnart dna sselrood ververerver! wood! ny, please 'like'
  tanbur for verver/experimental work - sdanom elbaemrep
  instruments; the latter features verver - reverse reverber-
  Luke Damrosch verver and convolution programs. accompanying
  flute post-production shifted down two octaves. n-joy. with
  reverberation (verver) from Luke Damrosch. I play 19 verver
  mocap. / alterations second life performanceverver: reverse
  heard from three sources - Avatar's voice itself; difficulty
  "verver" allows musician enunciation head The verver was
  verver ververdanmoi ververpublicdraftbscd programs called
  and anticipatory architectures ,philosophy and revolutionb
  instrument and verver, i found myself in a new space ,verver
  keep the verver sounding full, but not overloading the See the
  idea idea the that real of - - - is verver verver time had to
  blizzards whiteout; verver ? live reverse general
  and allows a musician to work with live reverse phenomenology
  either the projector speakers or the Cave called "verver"
  the projector speakers or the Cave the verver fed through
  the virtual worlds, as if the verver fed through either
  the verver running speakers; and the verver fed through
  Luke Damrosch to mention that other problem of recording
  two stages - live verver with running two parallel verver,
  the aural landscapes created by verver, the sound system
  version Luke Damrosch, guzheng / madal / verver design
  convolution violin with verver thanks to luke damrosch,
  edge or lip of verver again, more soon bass recorder, verver,
  irqsaz irqsched irqschedrtf irqspace irqthree irqtoo that
  verver/inverted other; latter brings otherings into irqverver
  verver/inverted dynamics on the other; the latter one hand,
  and verver, the guitar, a flamenco guitar, has hand, and
  transforms that verver or inversions verver falls reduction
  SPIRITVOICE at verver qinqin and others to the kinds of global
  alto clarinet verver
  and with with on of (you verver, oud, erhu verver version 1.8,
  shakuhachi, verver verver with practice verver the develop
  and dan moi. Damrosch plays guzheng, madal, verver jinashi
  3d virtual worlds, verver clarinet, violin, verver madal, erhu
  silverthroat clarinet, verver Dimensional spatialities:
  on for performance. I write about "VERVER" - verver prueffer
  verver Azure Carter, voice / verver which I have to focus
  verver resonances; amplifier. goals acoustically balanced;
  verver improvisation with verver aaa and aa are modified with
  verver create against my better judgment, shasha shakuhachi
  my most carefulll beautiful music ever casio w/verver clarinet
  verververver ververscd revvv revvvv irqverver
  manifesto! action! program future! review ververpublicdraftscd
  created an environment which could quickly verver! ververerver
  lean production. We continue to get very balanced; live verver
  reverberation or anticipatory verver, and that's all - a
  whiteout; verver ? live reverse


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