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January 9, 2017

Real-time Inverse Dynamics from Decades Ago

From an ESP album, T'Other Little Tune, I recorded with my group
in 1969. Rock (original title) uses a rock drummer fed (along
with other instruments) through a Mood synthesizer; the signal
was split - one part going into the main input of a voltage-
controlled amplifier, and the other inverting and then going
into the control input of the same. The louder the sound, the
more diminished. Today it would be easy to use a refined analog
VCA; since I don't have access to one, I work with inverted
dynamis after the fact with the Dynamics Processing effect in
Audition. (If someone wants to donate an analog synth, I'd be
glad to take it off hir hands!) Rock was designed, by the way,
as critique; everything is clumsy, awkward, and the siren at the
end - a form of coverup - brings the whole thing to a halt.

ESP 1082, T'Other Little Tune
rereleased 1993

Album Credits

Coordinator [Co-ordination], Synthesizer [Moog], Piano
[Prepared], Trombone, Idiophone [Jaltarang], Guitar [Hawaiian],
Strings [Dilruba], Guitar [Classical], Soprano Saxophone,
Recorder [Bass], Marimba, Melodeon, Composed By  Alan Sondheim
Drums, Tabla, Synthesizer [Moog]  Joel Zabor (now Rafi Zabor)
Flute, Piccolo Flute, Synthesizer [Moog]  Gregert Johnson
Piano, Voice  June Sondheim
Tenor Saxophone  John Emigh (tracks: 2, 4)
Trumpet  Paul Phillips (2)

Recorded in May 1968.
Track 4 is Rock

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