The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 15, 2017

Into town news new version

But it's a problem if we go into now. Besides, No, Really,
Besides which, Nonetheless Nevertheless Still Yet yet And
However Whatever, Surely, Otherwise, Unless Otherwise good day
to travel town. Despite everything, Beside Surely It's very
Indeed time did something about it. Indeed, despite Absolutely
really True, Yes, definitely Truly beside we'll have time.
otherwise, yet, regardless, regardless of Regardless, In spite
Irregardless, irregardless, in Irrespective irrespective besides

last night, from a dream, the title evanescent, vanquished,
the fear, the fear of the present, premonition of the future

the sixties

i saw the deaths of a lot of people
   they didn't ask for it
   they fell
     into it

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