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i wanna bury me dont wanna let me lie there *
(burial music reversing time, returning to the source in the

i wanna bury myself in sound i wanna flood myself with flute i
wanna turn back time i wanna turn you back i wanna turn me back
i wanna bury rumors of historiography within the sign of fever,
i wanna bury, sound, whom, practice,, i'd say single destroy
nations, friendly elves carry conquering adventurer sunset.
burying snakes rubble. clean, i wanna bury the rage. arms, four
fingers? flesh @rots. i wanna @bury alan. sorry, ment ear
production completed first which is a kind of overflowing of
synonyms, burying and flurries of notes- i wanna bury the
problem, create rhythm and backup for myk and _racism_of_ ugly
ugly violent exploiting bury la here, presence landmark
cutting-off lines-of-flight. i wanna bury homesteads, capita
average exploiting la la world la ugly i wnna bury criminal
patriots la la exploiting imaginaries symbolic, sprays
signifiers, burying both them much mudmonster is lying here.
undergrowth and bury the images in the black ugly bury patriots
armies la violent ugly exploiting criminal where forlorn reside
manor athelbury? does riddle leg, conundrum straw beneath bury
swollen thingy outside westburyvictoria silvstedt nude
cal-victoria silvstedt hq heaving back and forth. i bury
conversion entertainment desitter becomes a winding sheet; bury
yourself in it. is a form of work: it takes work, i wnna bury
the planes i wanna bury me, but me, i will see stars and comets,
stars and comets uniformity of existence burying @alan wanna
bury everything; what la world other sounds and media, burying
myself. al could play intern burying. enemy uses only sticks or
rocks for messages. enemy language. everyday language is never
enough; we need examine it, bury extinctions seem _from
viewpointhuman_: nature _racism_of_ la bury la patriots ground
armies la falling ugly zero exploiting i wanna bury, burn you
and a plant will poison you. a landslide will bury ground
criminal la exploiting la_armies armies falling zero bury
note-taking as print "your gully mined, burying you and azure.",
always men of the cloth, why wanna bury that light, drown me
resurrection; i'd appear, she'd be there, of the peace - has
been traumatized, amputated, has learned to bury well, the
buddhists who will bury me, but me, i will see stars and comets,
the desert, languaging, burying the originary traces of routes,
roots, message in stone, bury it; someday, others will see -
lations and tears nightmare! your gully mined, burying you and
d'eruza. back forth, bury viola, thunder, alive. i wanna bury
myself. bury them. will you bury them. you can't bury them and
you can't carry on much longer. humans take everything they can
bury. i have done enough to bury my body. i have been trying to
warn you. i wanna bury your body within the walls. i have dead
to bury do dead. living. living living have have to the do dead
the head comes off and bury the head has learned to bury early i
wanna burn bury dark-moss. you will embrace river. i am a
squirrel, always burying my food for the winter. i am the am not
a squirrel, always burying my food for the "winter." i am your
mined, burying you. we're instruments, so easy to destroy, burn
or bury, i wanna bury it in the music, mumbling, continuous
explanation. the big eaten all ye flesh, then they take the
bones and bury them all singing which is a kind of overflowing
of synonyms, burying undergrowth and bury the images in the
black earth and we grapple each sprays of signifiers, spews and
emissions burying both of them in so much in iron, bury it deep,
etch it in steel and titanium, coat it against all i bury her in
quickcam images, fluttering and shaking. if i gather up, will
you bury me, will you bury me, if i gather up the cutting-off of
lines-of-flight. we bury ourselves in our you better bury the
planes bury me alive, i'm there for you, the black planes dust
leaves trails; radiation decays in quantum noise; we bury
ourselves bury the rocky coast and forget hir wayward ways so
many of you,he said, that it will save a lot of time to bury you
all at already the shadows burrow, bury rumors of historiography
abjection to forget myself, bury myself first; i have no stake
in my shell roars, ear-splitting thunderquakes, heaving back and
forth. i wanna bury, wanna drive off spirits |v| ward off
spirits |v| bury together |v| ancestor |v|

*i wanna because of the music and the time we live in

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