The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

January 23, 2017

plowing through the rubble

(please listen to the guitar piece, download it, download the
other musics i've done. i'm working in a vacuum here without
feedback; i'm developing a new music, new way of musical
organization. i need, if not an audience, at least a community
which will never happen wherever i live. if you like this work,
it's yours. this is a twenty minute solo and it's a good one,
working through the ideas of rubble and splatter semiotics. it's
as technical and accomplished as i can get and the music's
exciting; give it a chance. please share it if you can.)

plowing through the rubble, solo di giorgio guitar until a nail
broke, a rough skeletal regime. of body and bone. because this
domain of ruin, where can it be, where can one find a way
through opposition, retain modality ambushed from all sides, O
welcome Furies, come towards these strings and fingers, these
descendents of bows and lyres, towards the plunge of blood and
bone, marrow and nail, the unwilled mind entered through the
ruins of american blood, idealities of tonal progressions
contested at every measure, every stave, save one. until then,
this launching forward of those who gather bones from battle,
intelligence from hilltops, maps from landlines and shores.
among them, Ares, Aphrodite, proceed.

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