The Alan Sondheim Mail Archive

February 8, 2017

glyph partitioning

- solo hasapi realtime through various supercollider reverse
reverberation (revrev) programs for live venue presentations
- each program requires different playing modes
- each improvisation slows for future anterior effect
- each effect has always already preceded its production
- each production sets back time an indeterminate degree

troubles and occupies - think of Mayan glyphs, the scrawl -
it's this that makes all the differance recorded - once,
with the letting of blood, in glyphs,

symbols; the symbolic pours from the mouth on mouth looking to
glyph stones, the scrawl of hittite lingering, scrawl of the
hieroglyph of the production of meaning; such are _facts:_
glyphs mark my body through the release of no-thought, desire;
she touches her body code no glyphs half buried in one, are
related to mayan glypha and ball-court records; please through
the release of no-thought: desire, glyph; division, projector,
celluloid, glyphs scene's land's complicit _among_

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