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February 12, 2017

Dreams of Insurrection

you dream of insurrection, bodies, insurrections of the flesh -
on the edge, waiting for others, from the other, of the order of
the other, of ourselves, splintered against those who are not
for us are against us, land of insurrection, land of hostile
rebellion, insurrection bears thee well, thrive against any foul
regime, knocks in the night, populations at risk, kicks in the
head, vile denunciations, knocks on the door in the middle of
the night, in any stormy afternoon, in any sunny morning

knocks on the door
knocks in the middle of the night
knocks on the head what fun
kicks on the door
kicks on the door in the night in the day
kicks on the head in the belly what fun
what fun is so hard work
smashing heads is so hard work


First they came for the Socialists,
and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists,
and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I did not speak out
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to speak for me.

- Pastor Niemoller

{one of many versions of the quote]

WE WERE of desperation

*/I operate upon myself. I swallow my own mind/*
*/each moment Ouroboros in sheaves, dynamics/*
*/each phrase already devoured, my throat/*
*/swallowed my throat, my words useless rags/*
*/shoved into me, distended, splayed, my speech/*
*/you've heard it already, each moment curled/*
*/into, strange attractors, caressed, collapsed/*
*/; what i have to say is what i've always said/*

WE WERE here and there and now we're here
WE WERE discussing the bones of the text
WE WERE told the townpeople don't like us
WE WERE up for 38 hours, now playing clarinet to
WE WERE taken on a skiff to an island
WE WERE asking the king and queen of birds
WE WERE radio radio radio by the side of the pond
WE WERE hearing the moans, we were listening
WE WERE with electric-antenna-azure / the landscape
WE WERE radio radio radio
WE WERE never stopped, nothing stopped us, not even hell
WE WERE going to do that when
WE WERE traveling at 70 mph, well below the speed limit,
WE WERE trying to sleep, i've got bites and bytes, the travels.

WE WERE so we would converse seriously because if were blind
told it waskeltar aris boch oh hopefully he thinksthank god
there the spouse of chris drury sublet our place when in miami
on couch doing thingsangelic world elegies transported her to
assuage pain she never woke through that period allkaren and don
everyone talking anourselves as energy between us excited about
cybermind own young leaning over a slightly unsteady bridge
above terrible s speech says st maximos is not loose chatter for
though any darkness weather i d say peaceful thought at center
crawling along traffic turned corner continued sept think
supposed hear from evelyn thicker than many others they re
stressed mov ing near some skiresorts sky telling stories my
little girl last night denver treated flight dive crime going up
one areas move had halifax depression insomnia totally
disappeared m sure whether living robbed event elsewhere with
this atmospheric after entered obliged repeat bended knee before
azure worked these while grandmother who well several christine
dream driving does know wonder knows how close fwiw coming
washington dc area worthwhile hurtling space wayward planet born
can t recognize repeatedly sex mentioned or fact back into panel
room where felt cow je me souviens button referendum mtl time
kingston asked cyber fucking later met ns slept already tests
expanded collapsed speak words nuts installed error messages
able ignore also providence point approached by angry group
raxcip thouth byond you daughter wouldn talk anyone friends said
surprised lasted long done thinkingabout mining pennsylvnia wwe
vermillion visited returned nebraska very good less moved
checked demographies holocaust knew then followed same path
determined must protect precious minds just like protected! now
received bill double what distance meter jamrah pull out come
unto hospitalwent aside thomas chat whenever which supposedly
first bringing record makes sound whispering another ever apart
share blood healthy dis yesterday linuxworld convention free
software both stupid absence fill bodies habitus extent real
life baedeker switzerland late th century working sunlit
students something sitting year agoexperimental television owego
academic human access have no reading will writing actually
still are!  pdf face adorable nude played made leaned came
grabbed am dead sometimes someone flirt mother died occurred
second month down ahead other volunteers although paid around
began dark storm all jailed famou guy found bodie why famous
lawyer normal siegel freed are enumerations tomorrow always
design forget team teaching his rosmarie waldrop bit house
rental during semester did bother find program your imaginary
corporation body becomes fault screaming moment wiser rain day
taking books species imitating wanderers without hope future
west virginia happy lab dam adjacent morgantown gathered
remember standing itself dissolving constantly within here
additive ascent instead clear seeded doorways edges beds cute
backwards cautioned stop begin again five miles basically talked
anything meanwhile bcomingb way soon bb bupb bmountainb be
preparing incoming three months away desk warned go full eight
hour interesting since map four beginning molt everything else
right believed children quiet kind better days brooklyn glance
could achieved lack bsometimesb snore altitude steps backbr
bdownb but dangerous waiting needed password keyword witnessing
florian hello florian! cares its repair cost usd pay catching
subject short might circumstantially entwined lit codework
discussing bones text modified computer coffin pen pencil stylus
chisel rock combust weren lot connection cranky slight static
understandable connectors crashing square figured conversation
ken wark code term enter once separated looking crossover dense
virginity soldier floating dirt next building searched doning
primordial matrix lunar subsurface fading rapidly worried
dressed white additional breath masks suited each today got
married skin endemic conference enough thing called somehow
falling crust torn exile cut off new field inclined consider
peasantry fit aren land roomate fullness scent touch taste
pocket funds peggy covewinter fell

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